Download Poison 2 Zee5 Full Web Series Episode 480p, 720p

Web Series – Poison 2

Direction – Vishal Pandya

Writing – Khan Rehan

Built – Mayank Malhotra

Release Date – 2020

Episode / Season – 12 | 1

Main Lead Role – Pawan Chopra, Gaurav Sharma, Joy Sengupta

Drama / Crime / Romance

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Series Name – Pigeon 2

Director- Vishal Pandya

Producer- Mayank Malhotra

Story- Khan Rehan

Release Date – 2020

Category: drama

Audio Format – Dolby Digital


Production Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Series art direction by Chanchal Bisht

Poison 2 story [Hindi]

Jayveer is back as Aditya seeking revenge from the JOSH team comprising Sara, Harsh and Oscar. Watch out for the mind games that follow.

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