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– Can an outbreak of COVID-19 cause hair loss?

Mumbai, India, Jan 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to the International Journal of Dermatology and the US National Library of Medicine (NCBI), hair loss has been found to be a late onset symptom of COVID-19, with approximately 25% of patients reporting this case. (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7665672/).

The epidemic does not affect those near and dear to those infected by the virus, according to new York TimesThe epidemic also led to incidents of hair loss due to stress and time uncertainty. (Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/24/health/coronavirus-hair-loss-telogen-alopecia.html )

With the expertise of over 400 trained trichologists and homeopaths, Drs. Batra’s – the leading chain of homeopathic clinics worldwide, sheds light on Prakash. Reasons behind hair loss During the epidemic.

During the epidemic, a spike was observed in 3 different types of hair loss, namely:

  • telogen effluvium: What hair loss is experienced when the body undergoes physical trauma such as illness, pregnancy, or even an accidental diet. According to a study on patients in the US, 33% of COVID-19 survivors experienced telogen effluvium hair loss. A COVID-19 survivor experiences this type of acute hair loss due to body weakness from the disease.
    • Symptoms: if Is one Excessive hair loss (normal hair loss is 80–100 strands a day) or pillows, brushes, or bathroom seams may show telogen effluvium if visible hair clumps.
  • alopecia areata: Is an autoimmune disease that is triggered in response to mental stress.
    • Symptoms: One Will probably notice bald spots or patches of hair loss in one or several areas of the head. These bald spots can appear very quickly and grow rapidly. Increase in cases of alopecia areata Financial and job security stresses stemming from the epidemic were seen in patients.
  • trichotillomania: There is a type of hair loss that occurs when the patient pulls out their hair, usually in response to emotional stress. The condition is 6 times more prevalent in women and is seen in adolescents between 14–17 years of age.
    • Symptoms: As people with this disease pull their hair out of the roots, it can cause baldness on their head, eyebrow and other parts of the body. As hair is pulled, broken hair of various lengths can be a telling story of this type of hair loss. The incidence of trichotillomania during the epidemic increased greatly among adolescents due to emotional stress such as socially distancing themselves from their friends and future anxiety.

Comment on the increase in cases of hair loss during the epidemic, Dr Akshay batra, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Drs. Batra’s Group of Companies and The 1scheduled tribe Indian President of The Trichological Society, London; Said, “The mental, physical and emotional rollercoaster of the epidemic has certainly brought a spike in hair loss during the epidemic. Part of this is due to the effects of the virus while the other is due to its emotional collapse. The good news, however, is that due to COVID-19 hairloss is not permanent and with the right combination of homeopathy and the US FDA approved hair whitelizing treatment, the hair can regress completely. Through a simple video microscopy test our hair doctors will get to the root of your hair issues and start a treatment plan to make your hair naturally healthy. “



Dr. Batra’s clinics offer a tailor immediately for a long run Solutions for hair loss Which are based on hair loss, baldness grade and the condition of the hair and scalp. The winning mix of qualified doctors and trichology, homeopathy and beauty solutions has recognized more than 7 million happy pediatric patients with 96.6% success rates by American quality evaluators.

Our hair treatment portfolio caters to all needs. Beauty Treatment Growth is a non-surgical pediatric treatment that enhances Hair loss control, Improves hair volume and stimulates hair growth. Whereas STMcell treatment is based on a French technique that increases the volume and density of hair. Dr. Batra’s hair whitening treatment (HVT) stimulates Hair growth And reduces hair breakage. Dr. Batra’s Nutrigood hair supplements are fortified with vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B complex and zinc. This hair nutrition supplement reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and enhances the quality of your hair. Dr. for hair loss Batra’s Geno Homeopathy treatment is a gene targeted homeopathic medicine. It provides 99.9% accurate test results and may possibly prevent heredity hair loss (androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness).

Dr. US FDA Approved 10 Session Hair Batelizing Treatment Free at Batra Registration Hair loss treatment. To book your appointment today, visit http://www.drbatras.com Or call 9167791677.

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