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India’s dream of becoming a global torcher of knowledge rests on the shoulders of a few who have devoted their lives to the advancement of education. One such inspiring story is that of Wells University founder Dr. Of Ganesh of Ishari.

With “Knowledge is Power” as its motto, the University of Wales was established with the goal of democratizing higher education for all, including marginalized classes.

The Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS), also known as Vels University, is one of the most respected names in higher education among the top private educational institutions in India. Today, it’s more and more 30,000 domestic and international students, 6000 staff members, a dozen research centers and 36 institutes. The university offers a multitude of undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in popular fields – engineering, computer science, law, and physiotherapy – as well as in emerging fields – music and fine arts, marine studies and Vedic astrology. Wells’s exponential growth over three decades can be attributed to his novel teaching method, state-of-the-art teaching facilities, campus placement records and, above all, the unflinching commitment and enthusiasm of his founder-chancellor, Dr. Ishari K. Ganesha.

Dr. Ishri K. Ganesh, Founder-Vice Chancellor, Vels University – The Mission on a Mission Full Full Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision for India

Dr. Humble origins of the great legacy of Ganesha

Like the mighty banyan tree that began life as a powerful seed, Drs. Of God. Ganesh – When establishing themselves out of university, the University of Wales had a humble beginning. Wells Educational Trust Started more in 1992 Vels College of Pharmacy. Thus began a long, luxurious journey to the University of Wales – from a rented building with 36 students and 10 members of staff. Dr. Ganesh never considered that Dr. Ganesh has ensured that along with the establishment of the institute, the strength also increases. Vels College of Physiotherapy and Arts and Sciences In 1993 and Vels Institute of Hotel Management In 1996. Specially, Wells academy of maritime studies It was the first private institution in India to offer marine and marine science courses.

The establishment of a university equipped with world-class facilities, Dr. Ganesh’s dream finally came true in 2008.

In 2008, various institutions were integrated under the Vels Group and given the status of “deemed-to-be-university” by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Thus the present Vels University came into existence.

WATCH: Founder-Chancellor of the University of Wales Dr. Inspirational life story of Ishri Ganesh

Video Sincerely: Dr. Ishri Ganesh Office

Today, the University of Wales has a multi-disciplinary campus spread over 29 acres, fully equipped with smart class-rooms, laboratories, auditoriums, recreational venues and separate hostel accommodation for men and women. Keeping the spirit of empowering the underprivileged through Education, Students benefit from the fee waiver and 265 students from economically weaker backgrounds avail the scholarship program every academic year.

The Man on the Mission to Transform the Indian Society

Like all powerful achievements, the idea of ​​establishing an institution that provides quality, affordable education in the head of an individual – founder-chancellor of the University of Wales and president of the Wales Group of Institutions, Dr. Of God.

It was the vision of his father, the late Tamil actor and politician. Isari Velan, Who had dr. Motivated Ganesh to lay the foundation of the University of Wales. Although thousands of youngsters are studying in Wales, he is simply the founder-chancellor of his university and a distinguished educationist, Dr. Ganesh is also a philanthropist, environmentalist, sports enthusiast and business tycoon. In addition to running a network of educational institutions spread across the Indian states and in Singapore and the United Kingdom, Drs. Ganesh runs multi-specialty Sri Isari Velan Mission Hospital, To Amrar Isari Velan Charitable Trust Fund, An international swimming academy, and several resorts and real estate businesses, among others. He is also one of the trustees South Indian Artists Association And Nadigar Sangam Charitable Trust.

A famous philanthropist, Drs. Ganesha spends lakhs of rupees on an annual scholarship for meritorious students each year.

He regularly conducts free health and blood donation camps, and contributes to various relief funds over the years. His environmental efforts include awarding honorary doctorates at the University of Wales to prominent environmentalists, in addition to acquiring alternative energy and actively installing windmills in addition to planting trees every year. Remarkably, under their patronage, Wales institutions have adopted best waste management practices.

A trailblazer by himself, Dr. Ganesh has been honored with many awards and accolades. These include South Indian Culinary Association Award (2004), The Dubai Tamil Sangam Awards (2011), The Mauritius Tamil Cultural Trust Award (2012), The Pearl Foundation Award for Educational Excellence (2016), The Times Education Achiever Award (2017), The Lifetime Achiever Award from LIC (2018), and the Education Stalwarts of the Year Award (2019), to name a few.

Watch: Life on Wales University, Chennai

Video Credit: MDIS Vels

To always lead by example, Drs. Ganesha is not only a preacher and a patron of learning, but also a devout seeker. After completing M.Com in 1992 from Pachaiyappa College, Chennai, Dr. Ganesh completed his PhD from Madras University in 2000, a BL degree from Madurai Kamaraj University in 2005, an MBA from Madras University in 2010. , And currently Drs. Ambedkar is pursuing an ML degree from Law University.

Institutions under Vels Group Umbrella

  • View
  • Vels Vidyashram School
  • Wales Higher Secondary School
  • Vels Teacher Training Institute Venkateswara Nursing College
  • Sri Venkateswara Dental College Mahaveer Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Wales Ravindra Bharti Global School
  • Kindle Kids International School Cambridge Tutor College

The Wales Group – Leading a Revolution

Vels University is a part of a large family of Vels Group of educational institutions that were established with the objective of providing affordable, quality education. Some of these institutions include Vels Vidyashram School, Wales Higher Secondary School, Vels International Pre-School – Kindle Kids, Vels Teacher Training Institute, Venkateswara Nursing College, Sri Venkateswara Dental College & Hospital, Mahaveer Institute of Medical Sciences, And Wales Ravindra Bharti Global School, among others. Vels Group is making its mark abroad Kindle Kids International School In singapore and Cambridge Tutor College in London.

Thus, starting from primary education to higher education, the Wheels Group is continuously meeting the educational needs of millions of youth across generations and geographical divisions, helping them secure a stable future in this era of competition .

Dr. Ganesha of Ishari – Awards and Honors

Dr.  Ganesh Wills University of Ishari - Awards and Honors

South Indian Culinary Association Award (2004)
Dubai Tamil Sangam Awards (2011)
Mauritius Tamil Cultural Trust Award (2012)
Pearl Foundation Award for Educational Excellence (2016)
Times Education Achiever Award (2017)
Lifetime Achiever Award from LIC (2018)
Education Stalwarts of the Year Award (2019)

Completing the Treasured Vision of India’s Favorite President

India is a country in which more than 50 percent of the population is under 25 years of age. It is a country with an average age of only 26.8 years. By providing high-quality, affordable education, the Wells Group is playing an important role in meeting the large-scale educational needs of this vast young population. Dr. The sheer willpower and exaggerated vision of Ishri’s Ganesh is reflected in the admiration and achievements of the alumni of Wales who are making their mark all over the world. Dr. Ganesha’s legacy is built over a vast lifetime, incomparable to most humans over the course of a lifetime, earning him a worthy name in the PWI’s League of Extraordinary Teachers, which takes India to a new horizon of knowledge.

Eminent scientist and former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had articulated his great vision of India to become a knowledge power. Inspired by this powerful idea, Dr. Of God. Ganesh made it the mission of the University of Wales, as reflected in its motto. “Knowledge is power”.

If India really wants to become a knowledge power in the near future, it is People who inspire Dr. Like Ganesha of Ishari and reputed institutions like Wales, in which it will have a considerable part to play. Of course!

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