Drag Queens and the World of Drag on Streaming

Maya, Rani Ko-Hee-Noor, Veronique, Laila Pink, Juicy Monsoon, Mango Lassi. Guess what all this means? No, not an object, but certainly more than a universe in itself. These are some of the most famous drag queens in India. Yes, you heard it right. To pull. Queens And “they’re killing the scene” is a very short phrase in front of these amazing people. India is starting and booming in the drag culture sector. It may be small but they are in it for good.

The world had drawn a lot before this but Ruaul’s drag race brought everything to the fore. RuPaul is one of the most famous drag queens and a very famous line by RuPaul, “When you become an image of your own imagination, it is the most powerful thing you can ever do.” This line in itself carries a lot of meaning and inspiration for a lot of people and draws people in particular. To become something they are not doing and most importantly, to enjoy it is one of the best and greatest things that can happen to someone who feels they need a platform.

Now, one may ask why is the subject of drag in the TheMiracleTech platform? Well, the simple answer is, “improve your life”. Netflix Has been offering shows and series dedicated entirely to drag races, drag queens and culture. I agree that no show can be the most ideal platform for anyone to learn anything deeply, but you can definitely start from here. SuperHit RuPaul’s Drag Race, its different editions, shows like AJ and The Queen, Dancing Queen, and the upcoming A Queen Is Born are all shows based on drag culture.

There is considered a reason drag culture. Nothing in the world can give you enough satisfaction than being the same thing as your imagination. Very tall heels, amazing, loud and fast growing makeup, clothes that are out of the world, and hairstyles no one else can take. Sass combines sheer honesty, sarcastic remarks and everything else and makes them real, genuine queens.

This article is a reminder that if we happen to enjoy the Western drag culture, we can most definitely love and also give a share of our beautiful Indian goddess, her love and appreciation.

So, yes… yes!

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