Dragon Village City Sim Mania Mode APK v12.06 (Unlimited Gold) for free


Get the latest version of Dragon village city sim mania mode with unlimited gold APK! Download it for free from our Telegram channel and train your dragons to increase their powers.

Dragon Village City Sim Mania Mode APK Description

Name Dragon Village City Sim Mania
Edition 12.06 (latest)
Shape 100 MB
Google play link click here
Mod features – No
latest update 15-Feb-2021
Price free
The style Simulation
Android required Android 4.1 and above

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Dragon Village City Sim Mania Mode APK Description

Dragon game is one of the most popular game genres ever. Who doesn’t like dragons? Wait! Who doesn’t like dragons in the gaming world? We are not in any position to deal with dragons in the real world, are we? They are depicted as ever-growing and fire-breathing creatures capable of destroying everything that comes their way. Nowadays, we can come across various games that offer players amazing and out-of-the-world dragons. Not only do they look attractive, but they also have unique abilities.

Based on the information above, we have also brought a game based on those flying creatures called Dragon Village City Sim Mania! Or should we say that we have the latest modded version of it? Yes! You guessed it right! Currently, we do not have the original file because it has some technical issues.

Our main character is a magician. He is also a dragon trainer. Various magical tricks and spells will be used to improve the abilities of our beloved animals. We have a responsibility to produce from hatching eggs to fully grown pythons. At the beginning of our in-game journey, we will be given a baby dragon. It is our job to feed it, nurture it and train it to become one of the best dragons available in the game.

Dragon Village City Sim Mania Mode APK Features

Feed your dragons fruit

Do not ignore this information because fruits are actually helpful in improving the abilities of your dragons. To increase your skills in the game, keep feeding them fruits regularly. The entire level-up process depends on the number of fruits they ate. These fruits are also needed to grow their favorite creatures.

Join the fight

The most exciting things about this game. Apart from fully training your dragons, you will also have to take part in various battles to win spectacular prizes. These battles are essential as they provide an in-game fighting experience to your precious creatures.

Like all other trendy games, this installment also has an online mode. This mode presents a beautiful platform to compete against different players around the world. These online competitions will give you a clear idea about your weaknesses and strengths in the game.

Take care of dragons

Taking care of your beloved pets is as important as increasing their powers. You have to keep your dragon in top condition. This will definitely help you in producing great results in the game.

2D graphics

The developers went with 2D graphics instead of launching the game in 3D effect. The reason behind this is that two-dimensional effects give a better idea of ​​the game. They help us to control the game easily. Additionally, the designs of all the dragons are superb. Players will fall in love with their appearances.

MOD features

We have already mentioned important basic features of the game. Now the time has come to inform you about some modeled features. They are mentioned below:

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited resources

The conclusion

Dragon Village City Sim Mania has received incredible reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store and other app platforms. We are providing a much better version of the game. Our team determined all the technical issues that were bothering the original version. Don’t forget to download this game from our Telegram channel. Download it for free!

Apart from this, we have given various unlocked features to our users. All resources in the game are unlocked. Players do not have to spend money to use in-game resources. Also, an infinite amount of money (gold and diamonds) is also available. They are necessary because they allow us to buy every item in the game. Many new features are also waiting for your arrival.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can we get this game for free?

Answer Yes! This modeled file can be downloaded for free from our Telegram channel.

Q. Do we have to worry about viruses or malware threats?

Answer: This gaming product is free from all types of security threats.

Q. Does this game have unlimited money mod?

Answer Yes! The game has many features like unlimited gold and diamonds.

ragon village city sim mania mode apk download link

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