Drunk Among Us: Do husbands, disguised toasts and other people drink in close chat between us? | sport

Talk about starting 2021 with a bang! Corpus Husband and many other content creators came together to play a hilarious game.

What did everyone drink?

As implied by the title, Drunk As Us included all contestants for their drink of choice. All this is happening as players are trying to win in proximity chat between us! However, it seemed like a very difficult task that everyone is so drunk!

Here are the drinks selected by all the players:

  • Carcass: Beer
  • Valkrai: Hard Cider
  • 5up: Mojito
  • Ash: Chocolate Milk with Vodka
  • Brooke: Vodka
  • Jackceptis: Belize
  • Sykkuno: Lychee Beer and Suju Mixed
  • Toast: Wine
  • Ludwig: Fireball
  • Peter: White Claw

After taking a look at each player’s chosen poison, only one thing can be ensured: they will all be themselves tomorrow morning!

What else happened between us during intoxication?

Corpus decided to pinch and posted a tweet to her Breathing. Apparently, he did this to further tilt the poisonous Twitter. To provide a backstory, Corpus had tweeted a blank and people started sending him death threats without any reason. So, to get all the keyboard warriors out there, Corpus sent him a tweet to breathe.

Another hilarious attraction was when Corpus killed Ludwig. The dialogue between the two players before the deed was the stuff of comic dreams:

dead body: Oh s ** t! Have a body!

Ludwig: … no there isn’t …

Corpse kills ludwig

dead body: Yes there is…

Ludwig’s look on the face was a new entry in the Top 10 anime betrayals list. However, even after all these masterstrokes, played by Corp and Jack, they were still not able to secure a win. Valkyrae commented that it was probably time for Jack to compile 2D Place for all his losses!

Stay tuned for more among our updates!

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