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Aegon Xander, the world’s leadership advisory firm for CEOs and multinationals advocating LGBTQ + inclusion and equality, and Out Leadership, today announced a partnership that aims to promote LGTTQ + representation at senior levels of business Does.

Aegon will be the newest member of the Zander Out Leadership alliance, which includes companies such as P&G, Publicis Sapient, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, MasterCard, National Australia Bank, Nomura, KPMG, Citi, Coca Cola, Dow Chemical and LVMH. The two firms will work together on advisory and executive search services, thought leadership and events, with the goal of creating a more robust pipeline for senior leadership positions and board appointments. As per the agreement, Egan Zender will become a member of Out Leadership’s Business Network and will be the quorum’s exclusive search firm partner / sponsor, Out Leadership Brand, covering all events and thought leadership initiatives related to promoting LGBT representation on corporate boards .

Egan Zender says, “At Egan Zander, we understand that there is diversity of backgrounds and an imperative for commercial success.” “We are thrilled to partner with Out Leadership on their joint commitment to ensure that the LGBTQ + community represents the top tiers of business and elsewhere in society.”

“The push for wider diversity across boards globally has often excluded LGBTQ leaders in both policy, appointment and practice,” says Outside Leadership founder and CEO Todd Sears. Out Leadership, and our quorum initiative, has been making efforts since 2010. To increase LGBTQ inclusivity – especially at the board level where the most impact often occurs. We are proud to be one of the leading leadership advisory companies to recognize the importance of LGBTQ both in the US and Egan Zender as our new partner. And all over the world. “

The first joint effort between the two companies will include a copy of Aegon Xander’s Global Board Diversity Tracker, which will be released on 8 DecemberTh And for the first time analysis beyond gender will be included, including research provided by Out Leadership. The two organizations will eventually develop proprietary research, events and other joint projects.

About egan zander

Egon Zehnder is the world’s leading leadership advisory company, sharing one goal: to help change people and organizations. We know what great leaders can do and are passionate about delivering the best solution for our customers. At Egan Zender, we passionately believe that diverse and inclusive leaders are capable of creating a better world where individuals and organizations not only thrive; They thrive. It is central to our core values ​​and fundamental belief that organizations deliver better performance when diverse voices are heard and people feel they belong. For this reason, Egan Zender is committed to celebrating, supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ + community globally.

As a forest firm, our 500+ consultants in 68 offices and 40 countries combine our individual strengths to form a powerful collaborative team. We provide a broad range of integrated services in association with public and private corporations, family-owned enterprises, and non-profit and government agencies: board advisors, CEO search and succession, executive search, executive evaluation, leadership development, and organizational Change.

Our leadership solutions cover individual, team and organizational effectiveness, development and cultural change. We work with world-class partners, including Mobius Executive Leadership, a transformational leadership development firm. In addition, we have partnered with co-paradox strategies by Professor Linda Hill of Harvard University to develop the Innovation Quotient (IQ), a proprietary culture diagnosis.

We aim that the work we do contributes to successful careers, strong companies – and a better world.

For more information, visit www.egonzehnder.comAnd follow us Linkedin And Twitter.

About leadership:

Out Leadership is the oldest and largest global LGBTQ + business advisor that partners with the world’s most influential companies to create business opportunities, cultivate talent, and advance LGBTQ + equality. We believe that the inclusion of LGBTQ + positively impacts business outcomes, and that including LGBTQ +, people at the most senior levels of executive leadership build the business. We call this idea Return on Equities ™.

Comparing 85 global member firms and dedicated to cross-industry collaboration, Out Leadership is a certified B corporation. Leadership calls on CEOs, business leaders and associates on 4 continents only on special invitations. Out Leadership also initiates three talents: quorum, which aims to increase LGBTQ + representation on corporate boards; OutNEXT, the first global talent development program for emerging LGBTQ + leaders; And OutWOMEN, adding senior level LGBTQ + women in business. To know more, please see https://outleadership.com/

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