Ek Jhoothi ​​Love Story Review | Ek Jhoothi ​​Love Story ZEE5 Series Review

Bifurcated rating3.5/ 10

Ground level: A meandering, middling drama, obsessed with marriage

Rating: 3.5 / 10

Skin n swear: No one

Forum: Sea5 Style: Drama, family

who is the story about?

Zee5In the backdrop of middle class Pakistan in Karachi, streaming under its Zee Zindagi label, the latest Pakistani show, Ek Jhooti Love Story. It is directed by Mehreen Jabbar, a screenplay written by Umrah Ahmed. Ahmed has previously written in the popular Pakistani series Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The series deals with the young generation’s unhealthy obsession with social networking and is being liked by the fake world.

Sohail (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Salma (Madeeha Imam) belong to middle-class families who live in the same neighborhood. Both lead worldly and boring lives – Sohail manages his dead father’s computer and electronics repair shop; While Salma suffers the exhaustion of two older unmarried sisters in their thirties, and one older brother, who cannot marry until her sisters are married. Salma’s only dream is to excuse her feet by a prince, a rich, good-looking boy who will love her and marry her.

Salma assumes the identity of Natalia, a wealthy, high-ranking girl on Facebook, to escape the shaving of her life. Her dreams come true when Nofil, who lives in the US, befriends her – or Natalia – on FB. But there is a hitch – nofil that friendship is not the real deal. He is playing the role of Sohail as his childhood friend Nophil on FB. Like Salma, Sohail also created a fake identity by tempting Natalia to be a FB friend with her. Of course, the two don’t know the truth about the other – that the person they befriended on Facebook is someone else.

The two go deep into a mess – a mess they’ve made themselves – until it’s too late. Or is it?

Ek-Jhoothi-Love-Story-Web-Series - Review


Bilal Abbas Khan and Madeeha Imam naturally portrayed Sohail and Salma respectively. There is not a hint of their performance reaching the top, which is why they quickly enter themselves into our consciousness and our heart.

BEO Rana Zafar is arrested as the mother of four siblings, Saluiddin, Shabana, Shazia and the youngest, Salma. Although we must say that after the first few episodes, her acting starts to sound loud, exaggerated and exaggerated. His delivery of dialogue too – a strange serpent style – starts to rub on his ears, and you want him to talk less and listen more.

The rest of the cast is average, requiring all cast members to pull their weight.


A jhooti love story starts off well, pulling you into the world. The story reminds you of Jane Austen’s classic tale, Pride and Prejudice, complete with a pompous mother whose only purpose in life is to see her daughters – here three, four married and well into life Is inhabited. But as the first episode ends, you realize where the resemblance ends.

If you start watching Ek Jhooti Love StoryHopefully as a series in the form of Churales of Aseem Abbasi, the former Pakistani offering of ZEE5 life, we suggest you to stay right there. Cause is a different from a false love story churel than chalk with cheese. While Churel was fast-paced, absorbed and compelling, a false love story is tediously long, married and tied to marriage. The story is dull – the way we would look at Doordarshan, in the conservative eighties. We take care of the logs and its middle class woes.

The series is very long – eighteen 30–35 minute episodes, with the latter also going up to 45 minutes each, a little too much for web space. A crisp, sharp and quirky style of storytelling would have had a profound effect. As the show is now – too long and too tedious – one is forced to hit the forward button more often than not.

Episode after episode, the situation of the two older sisters is ruined when they die. Shabana and Shazia are consistently rejected by potential suitors (their mother, actually) on the basis of pithi – primary age and weight. Thus, a long drawn-out story – precious and important subtext is lost in the exhaustion of class discrimination; Facebook and Instagram’s toxic effects on young, impressionable minds; And as soon as girls get married at the age of 18, education and graduation are harmed, a distinct middle-class bias. In a Jhooti love story, what is the matter that the girls themselves leave their studies and become happy and marry the first married one.

Even the love story between Salma and Sohail is the best. There is zero chemistry between leads; And the story does not have a quota of adventure or romance, or narration. A false love story is so fake, it should never have been made.

Other artists?

The music is good in parts. Some songs are ear-worthy, but we doubt anyone will try to download them or listen on loop. Background scores are averaged over most locations; And uniquely appropriate in some – like scenes with half the effort with humor from the writer and director.

Camerawork and editing are average – nothing to write home about.



Early world building

Pakistani flavor – quite different from us, obviously


Very long and very tedious

Mediocre plot

Boring story

Zero chemistry between male and female


Did i enjoy it


Would you recommend it?


A Broken Love Story Review by Binged Bureau

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