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One of the most challenging parts of being an anime lover is waiting. We have seen many anime where the first and second seasons are different. At the same time, some are still staying for more than a decade. Oligarchy Brings together psychology and thriller in the distant future. A question that comes to our mind after hearing the word “future”, what will it look like in real life? How will the future generations live? Shgo Kinugasa’s light novel and manga give us something to ponder. Where the first season received a good reception internationally and there was significant criticism in parent country Japan, would there be a second season?

Class of Elite Season 2: Release Date

Taking into account the uncertainty of renewal of Elite Season 2’s classroom seems like a distant possibility. But if the series succeeds in renewing the second installment next year, 2022 could become a potential candidate for a release date. It all depends on Lerche to renew or cancel Elite’s classroom for a second season.

Elite Season 2 Category: Characters

Every character in Elite’s classroom seems gray. Which we’ll see in the second season:

  • Kiyotka Ayanokji
  • Suzun Horikita
  • Kiko Kushida
  • Sai Chabashira
  • Arisu Sakayanagi
  • Kauhi Katsuragi
  • Honmi Echinose

Class of Elite Season 2: Plot

Even when it doesn’t seem like it, but thinking about the plot can’t hurt us. The second season may revolve around a different protagonist while all the students on the cruise ship will be in season 2. Elite school students will know why they have to undergo tests such as survival skills and mental ability. There is also a good chance of solving a murder mystery. These are all speculations based on the manga series, so we need to wait for the announcement of the plot.

Elite Season 2 Class: Story

We follow a group of students in a state that handles high school, where students turn into elite students. School freshmen learn how the grading system works and are surprised by its lowest standard (Class-D). To succeed, they learn hard and pass the exam leaving one student in their class. The unsuccessful student was later accused of assault, but pleaded not guilty. The Class-D goes on a luxury cruise trip that becomes a survival test. With a lot of intrigue and jealousy between classes, will Class-D ever manage to improve its overall rank?

Maybe some characters in Elite’s class have supernatural powers because all of them hide something. You can watch Elite’s class on Netflix. Following the suggestion for other anime – One Punch Man Season 3 Can be a great way to learn more about magical powers and superheroes. I hope you all have found the things you are looking for, if any of you want to ask questions, comment below.

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