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Full details about e-Token for Traffic Lok Adalat DSLSA, apply online @ portal

Many invoices are pending including Amid Covid 19 Crisis, Traffic Challans. The government has pledged to link the challan payments to the Delhi Legal Services Authority. Those who have violated traffic rules can pay online invoices on the DSLSA portal. In addition, to ensure smooth flow, the government has also introduced a token system. This implementation was helpful for officials of both people to avoid social ceremonies in the concerned office. More, applicants can book e-tokens for traffic Lok Adalat online sitting at their homes.

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Interested citizens and defaulters can visit the official portal and apply online for e-token for Traffic Lokdal. portal

This article explains the online process for e-token for the traffic Lok Adalat DSLSA on the official portal.

Apply for e-token at Traffic Lok Adalat DSLSA online @

Let us look at the online process to apply for the tracker Lok Adalat DSLSA.

  • Go to the official portal
  • It takes the online user to the home page.
Apply E-Token for Traffic Lok Adalat DSLSA
  • Click on the link: Apply for e-Token for Traffic Lok Adalat DSLSA.
  • It then redirects the applicant citizen to a traffic challan where he can apply for an e token for the Traffic Lok Adalat.
  • In this way, citizens can complete the token creation process.

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Note: Currently, Lok Adalat’s e token services are not available, and users can soon inspect the next traffic Lok Adalat.

  • We will update you once after getting the official announcement about the traffic Lok Adalat services available on the portal.
  • Please keep visiting our articles to see more updates about the latest government initiatives and other initiatives.

Benefits of portal

Let us look at the benefits of the e-Lok Adalat portal launched by the government for the benefit of citizens.

  • The portal saves the time and energy of the citizens of the state.
  • Challan defaulters are not required to visit any government office for payment of challan.
  • This reduces the long queues at the respective offices to pay.
  • Citizens can avail e-Token online booking on the official web portal.
  • This ensures safe and transparent services to the people.

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Quick Links

Delhi Traffic Lok Adalat Official Website portal FAQ

Are Traffic Lok Adalat services currently available on the official portal?

No, e token generation of Lok Adalat services are available. In addition, applicant citizens can see that traffic Lok Adalat services will be available soon.

What is the major benefit of the portal recently launched in the epidemic?

Through this portal, applicants can generate e-com by sitting at their home instead of waiting in long queues.

Can I download the e-token online on the Delhi State Legal Services Authority portal?

Yes, applicants can download e-Token service for online e-public service at Delhi State Legal Services.

When will the next traffic Lok Adalat services be available online DSLSA portal?

The next Traffic Lok Adalat services will be available online soon. However, no announcement has been made about the official date of the DSLSA portal.

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