Emirates News Agency – The fabricated “Le Gray” crisis with Zidane snatches the spotlight from Deshan’s renewal

From / Ahmed Zahran ..

ABU DHABI, January 10, 2020 / WAM / While it was expected that the renewal of coach Didier Deschamps in the position of coach of the French national football team would capture most of the attention during the current period, the crisis of the fabricated statements of Noel Le Gray, President of the French Federation, against the French football legend Zinedine Zidane came. To impose itself on the scene and grab all the attention.
Le Gray’s statements sparked controversy and massive criticism, which prompted the president of the French Federation to quickly apologize for what he had done, amid demands from several stars and politicians that he should be removed from the presidency of the federation.
Le Gray apologized for the remarks, which sparked widespread outrage. As the French newspaper “L’Equipe” quoted Le Gray as saying: I would like to personally apologize for these statements, which do not in any way reflect my thoughts or appreciation for Zidane, the former player and Zidane, the current coach. He added that his words caused a “misunderstanding.”
Zidane was a candidate to take over the training of the French national team, but the French Federation announced on Saturday the renewal of Deschamps’ contract until 2026. Le Gray launched an attack on Zidane during an interview with RMC Sport on Sunday, when asked about the possibilities of Zidane as coach of the national team. Brazil, said Le Gray: he can do whatever he wants, it’s none of my business; He added that he would not answer the phone if Zidane called him.
Zidane did not respond to Le Gray’s attack, but these statements sparked fierce criticism from stars, politicians, and the media, before Le Gray apologized. Where the star of the French attack, Kylian Mbappe, expressed a state of dissatisfaction, and stated through his personal account on the social network “Twitter”: Zidane is France, and you do not respect the legend.
Mbappe was not the only star who expressed his dissatisfaction with these statements, as others expressed their dissatisfaction, such as Franck Ribery, Djibril Cisse, and Yordi Djorkaeff.
And the newspaper “L’Equipe” described Le Gray’s statements as “unacceptable”, and added that Le Gray has become a shameful issue in French football.
And the French Minister of Sports, Emilie Odia Castera, demanded that Le Gray apologize to Zidane, as she spoke about: his shameful lack of respect, offends us all, for the right of a legend of football and sports. says this.

Real Madrid, which won 4 of its Champions League titles under the leadership of Zidane as a player and then a coach, also criticized Lou Gray’s statements, describing Zidane as: one of the most prominent sports legends in the world.
Real Madrid stated: These statements show disrespect for one of the most admired personalities of football fans around the world, and our club is awaiting immediate correction.. Zinedine Zidane embodies the values ​​of sport, and this has been proven during his professional career as a player and as a coach.
He added: The statements of the President of the French Football Federation are not appropriate from a person with such representation, nor are they appropriate in and of themselves.

Mustafa Badr Al-Din / Ahmed Zahran

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