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Sports in India have always been seen more as a hobby than a profession or a lifestyle. Even though the way people view the game today is changing, because huge amounts are being invested in the league and the proper conditions at the ground level are always a difficult task. Kesari of Eros Now plays the supporting role of the evergreen Mahesh Manjrekar and shows us the plight of a local wrestler who is trying to make his way to the top.

The life of a wrestler or any athlete is not normally easy because it involves a lot of sacrifice. A person has to be disciplined enough for proper diet and proper governance where you work repeatedly on various aspects of the game. Along with sacrifices, you also need resources to maintain that type of lifestyle.

Keeping in mind a proper mentor and many other challenges, the central theme of Eros Now’s Kesari is made so interesting as it navigates the struggler of a local athlete who has no financial support for a coach or bank is. He finds a master who is ready to train him and things go from there.

Eros Now Kesari Is a Marathi sports drama and features Virat Madke, Mahesh Manjrekar, Vikram Gokhale and Roopa Borgaonkar in the lead roles.

Kesari emphasized that the people of rural India have to face all odds to get to the top without any help, be it the emotional support of your family or the financial support of those close to you.

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