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ESRIThe global leader in location leadership today announced a new independent and open tool, making it available to countries wishing to improve their coastal waters. This tool uses real-time analytics enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.

The United Nations Environment Program, and a team from the GEO Blue Planet partnered to develop this new statistical approach using satellite data and geospatial technology in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that all types To prevent marine pollution. By 2025. The team received the 2020 GEO (Group on Earth Observation) SDG Award for Special Category, recognition of new tools they created.

“We believe that open science is good science, and a way to reclaim science as a global public good,” said Don Wright, lead scientist at Ashery. “This collaboration demonstrates that philosophy by jointly developing the methodology and resulting data sharing in an accessible way.”

Many countries depend on the health of their coastal ecosystems to run their economies (tourism, fisheries, natural resources) and provide sustainable food sources to their populations. The use of fertilizers and other chemicals that run away from land and into the coastal ocean have been shown to bloom in seaweeds that can disrupt ecosystems and human health. By measuring above-normal concentrations of seaweed, this new analysis provides a starting point for achieving the SDG goal of limiting marine pollution.

The project empowers countries, particularly developing countries, with information to help them understand potential impacts on coastal water quality, address those impacts and their progress at the United Nations as part of the SDG initiative and There is regularly updated data to report. While governments and organizations around the world are already able to conduct these analyzes, the project transforms raw global data into actionable information that makes them easier to make better informed decisions.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations, require timely and objective reporting, and metrics are typically self-reported by each country. However, many countries do not have the capability or capability to conduct ongoing environmental analysis. This collaboration provides automated analysis for every coastal country in the world.

The GEO SDG Awards Program, which honored this collaboration, recognizes excellence in sustainable development practices, analysis and reporting through the use of Earth observation. The awards recognize productivity, ingenuity, proficiency, innovation, and exemplary communication of results and experiences in the use of Earth observations for the SDGs.

The methodology of this partnership, now included in the UN’s Global Manual for Ocean Statistics, can also be applied to other environments where it is needed and modified to work across multiple geographic scales. is. To see preliminary analysis results and information products, visit the Hub site chlorophyll-esrioceans.hub.arcgis.com.

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