Eswaran Experiment: Can TheMiracleTech Compensate for Loss of Foreign Trade?

The Tamil film industry is witnessing redemption with Sankranti Releases – Vijay’s Master and Simbu’s Isvaran. Both films have lost to Malaysia releases – their largest market outside India. At this juncture, the makers of Iswaran have taken an important decision.

He has decided to release the film on the same day via pay-per-view on the TheMiracleTech platform OLX plate. Foreign viewers who cannot watch movies in theaters due to COVID-19 restrictions can use this feature. However, it would risk piracy for theatrical business in low-grade theaters.

Indian cinema’s theater business looks ravishing after a Telugu film, Crack has received tremendous response at the box office. But then, there is no view of being normal when it comes to Overseas because Coronavirus cases are high in many countries. The overseas business is too big to ignore and the filmmakers are simultaneously opting for the option there Continue to make up for the loss. The idea has its disadvantages and the makers of Isvaran take the first risk. Let us see if they can succeed and perform for the industry in this crisis.

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