“Every year it’s the same” – former F1 driver at Red Bull car presentation | sport


“Every year it’s the same” – former Formula 1 driver Gido van der Garde talks about how all cars look alike during the presentation.

Red Bull introduced its RB16B on Tuesday, which will be its product for 2021. The car looks similar to its predecessor from 2020, and on social media, was subject to scrutiny of memes thrown by Red Bull fans.

However, former F1 driver Gido van der Garde feels it is an illusion of presentation. This is the same story every year, where the cars look similar to the former self, but people find the difference during the testing session.

“It looks very similar to last year’s car. Of course, every year, it is the same with these presentations. It’s fun, and they get some media attention, but in the test, in Bahrain, all the cars look different, “van der Kord explained

However Christian Horner, in the last months of 2020, confessed that A. 2021 Red Bull Take Over 60 Percent of Previous Car, And this is because of the aerodynamic freeze this year.

Max Verstappen will benefit from Sergio Perez.

Explaining the confirmed upgrades by Red Bull, Gardaí also pointed out that Max Verstappen could benefit from a partner like Sergio Perez, who is experienced and proves his talent.

“I hope. Of course, they started testing quickly with the new floor, so they have a lot more data anyway. They also said that they changed some things in the wind tunnel, so now the correlation is better , “Van der Garde continued.

“And Max has the great advantage of being a good partner at Perez this year, which he can really use,” he concludes. Meanwhile, Red Bull flexed RB15 at Silverstone on Tuesday with their new team member Perez.

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