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After much speculation, cable network FXX has announced that it has renewed its award-winning adult animated comedy series ‘Archer’ for season 12.

Created by Adam Reid, adult animation ‘Archer’ is a 2009 spy comedy series, which was featured as a part of FX’s broadcast line-up until 2016 before being moved to sister channel FXX. Multi-Primetime Emmy Awards and Critics’ Choice Awards Winners Has not only received critical acclaim, but has also become a fan. The show is known for Meta-comedy And has been hailed as a rapid-fire dialogue infusion and one of the best adult animations. Season 11 release delayed due to COVID-19, But a month after its successful premiere on September 16, 2020, ‘Archer’ was renewed for Season 12.

Highlights –

  • ‘Archer’: an animated twist on the detective comedy genre
  • Season 11: Major Changes That Came Out
  • Season 12: Everything we know so far

‘Archer’: an animated twist on the detective comedy genre

Un Archer ‘is an unpublished comedy that revolves around a group of loosely secret agents working together at an intelligence agency called ISIS. Sterling Archer (H. Voiced by john benjamin) Is a politically incorrect, self-centered female mentor who serves as the protagonist on the show. His unhealthy relationship with his mother Malori (Voiced by jessica walter), Who is also the director of ISIS, is a frequently explored story in the show. The remaining characters include Lana Kane (Ayesha Tyler voiced), Sterling’s love and fellow agent Pam Puvi (Voiced by amber nash), Cheryl Tunt, Head of Human ResourcesVoiced by judy greer), Malory’s Illusion Assistant, and Ray Gillette (Voiced by Adam Reid), The agency’s openly gay bomb expert and agent Cyril Figgis (Voiced by Chris Parnell).

Is influenced by ‘Archer’ James Bond The franchise And often relies on pop-culture references for its humor. It uses the standard set-up of a workplace comedy and has the same aesthetics as AMC’s 2007 period drama ‘crazy man’. Its genre of comedy has changed a lot over the years and despite following specific sitcom patterns during the initial few seasons, it assumed an anthology arrangement in later seasons.

Er Archer is widely appreciated for its unique story and interesting characters and is one of Most successful adult animated comedy Ever built worldwide.

Archer season 12

Season 11: Major Changes That Came Out

During seasons 8, 9 and 10, Sterling Archer was shown to be in a coma and the episodes represented his coma dreams. Season 11 finally saw Archer get up from a coma and he fainted while battling changes in 3 years. At the end of season 7, the season picked up where the show had stopped.

The finale of Season 11 saw Archer and the others head to Antarctica to solve an international murder mystery. The season ended with the team saving the world and the status quo restored.

Season 11 was quite a pleasant surprise for fans as there was a lot of speculation indicating that season 10 would end after season one. Seeing what the total number is Season 11 had 32% viewershipThe network renewed ‘Archer’ for the twelfth season.

Season 12: Everything we know so far

Talking about the upcoming season 12, executive producer Casey Willis teased,

“We are excited for another season. Season 11 was only the tip of the iceberg (* wink *) and we look forward to its creation. We are working on some of the best stories and exploring relationships and character history. We also want to do some more globetrotting and create situations and scenes that we have never seen before in the series. We are Barry, Barry is excited! “

Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX Entertainment, confirmed the renewal on October 21, 2020, saying,

“Archer is making a big comeback this season, by the time the Emmy Award-winning spy series returns to its roots in viewership and begins plotting the 12th season next year”.

Fans are very excited to see Archer back in action and are anticipating some incredible storytelling from the upcoming season 12.

Are you a fan of the series? What do you think should be the focus of season 12? Tell us in the comments below.

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