Exclusive OPS Full Season 1 Index (download availability and more)

If you are always looking for adventure and adventure, Special ops Could be just the series you were looking for. Special Ops is an Indian espionage thriller, made by Famous Neeraj Pandey, And consequently directed by Shivam Nair.

It is short, sweet and very nutty which is like a thrill in search of mini thrills that you can complete in a day! So if you haven’t made this relatively new series yet, we’re having a big discussion, we recommend that you do it and now is the perfect time for it.

this is Disney + Hotstar and Below is a detailed index of specialized OPS to help you through!

  • Style: Action, thriller
  • IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
  • written by: Neeraj Pandey, Sharad Kelkar
  • the director: Shivam Nair, Neeraj Pandey
  • Available platforms: Disney + Hotstar
  • Total Season: 1 season
  • Total episode: 8 episodes

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Special Ops Cast and Characters

  • Kay Menon as Himmat Singh

Himmat Singh

Farooq Ali Amjad Sheikh Rashid Malik

  • Vinay Pathak as Abbas Sheikh

Vinay Pathak as Abbas Sheikh


  • Sajjad Delafruz as Hafiz Ali / Ikhlaq Khan

Hafiz Ali Ikhlaq Khan

  • Muzamil Ibrahim as Avinash


  • Saiyami Kher as Juhi Kashyap

Juhi Kashyap

  • Meher Vij as Ruhani Syed

Spiritual Saeed

  • Gautami Kapoor as Saroj Singh

Saroj singh

  • Rajat Kaul as Ismail Hassan

Ismail Hassan |



  • SM Zaheer Noor as Baksh

Noor baksh

  • KC Shankar as Wasim Karachiwala

Wasim karachiwala

  • Parmeet Sethi as Naresh Chaddha

Naresh chadda

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Index of Special OPS (Season 1, All Episodes)

Special Ops Season 1 Index

Special Ops Season 1 Index

  • Episode Number: 8
  • Available platforms: Disney + Hotstar

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Special ops story Overview

Special ops hindi series Research analysis shows the journey and adventure of Himmat Singh of Wing. Tons of terrorist attacks in the country make him sit down and piece them all together, and finally succeed in mapping a pattern that everyone seems to have.

The subsequent deduction is that beyond all attacks there is a single mastermind and a mysterious attack that took place nineteen years ago is buried deep in the ground. In 2001, five terrorists confirmed to launch an attack on Parliament, but each died at the appointed time.

in this Special OPS index, This plan was the brainchild of a ruthless monster, who is still seen pulling this wire and guts need to go to him. They had 5 vigilance teams, scattered in different parts of the country, who set out to catch the mass murderer. You must Watch all the special episodes using the link below to experience live-action.

Chapter 1: Kaagaz ke phool

brief: Himmat Singh’s “miscellaneous” spending surface in the public eye, prompts R&R officials to dig deeper into the case and curb an audit report. However, things take a turn when much digging uncovers a nineteen-year-old theory that was buried deep in history, wreaking havoc among all.

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episode 2: guide

brief: The worst imaginable event is a terrorist attack. The 26/11 terrorist attack was launched and carried out, and the minds of the people were equally blown. While the attacks shake the nation to its core, Himmat and his team try to piece together clues and hints. One link leads to another, shut up Guts and his group of men and bring them closer to their target.

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Episode 3: Mughal e Azam

brief: A well-known, well-known and completely safe to be defined as ‘filthy rich’, Hafiz Ali was an established leader in the transport and shipping of goods and other products business. However, he is unfaithful, and Hafiz is no one to remain locked up and thus, goes out for his revenge, ready to make his enemies have a destructive taste. And at the appointed time, the nineteen-year-old burial history begins to rear its head, ready for a tremor.

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Episode 4: Hum kisi se kam nahi

brief: As it is said, it is always better to be prepared than to forgive. A massive storm awaits Dare and his team which is beyond imagination. And to deal with this, they need adequate preparation and strategy to apply in advance. Four assets, and four functions. That is all it takes to decide the future of Himmat and his associates.

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Episode 5: Chaudvin Ka Chand

brief: Feeling like days when Farooq was waiting for the occasion to arrive. Looks like the wait is over. Farooq gets a long-awaited chance when he finally meets Hafiz face to face. Meanwhile, Baku is added to the special OPS team. Not only that, but the rest of the new attraction of joining the team has also come out and everyone is in some surprise.

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Episode 6: Prey

brief: Never seemed so close yet so appropriate if not for this episode. This episode takes your adrenaline rush to an extreme and floats, something unimaginable. Farooq is just an inch away from the mastermind who initiated the 2001 attack on Parliament. But as he is about to reach his goal, a quick turn of events makes him helpless, and Dare misses his shot again. This time it’s different. It’s time for a flick or as the title of the episode suggests, it’s a sacrifice time.

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Episode 7: Shatranj Ke Khiladi

brief: Dare realizes that he can take advantage of his plan, and achieve a pawn to his goals. Like the title of the episode, Himmat has found a pawn that he can put forward like it does in chess, without harming himself. Meanwhile, Hafiz sniffs a mole. Here a mind game and a twisted solution somehow help Farooq to last for another day. But till when?

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Special ops last episode 8: cinder

brief: The time for the ultimate attack has arrived. The final takedown is yet to take place, however, with another major problem — as a hindrance. The city is under fire due to the devastating, imminent attack. On the other hand, Himmat finally managed to come face to face and face his enemy, who he had been chasing for so long. In whose favor will the conditions end?

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Latest: End of ‘Special Ops’

is Special Ops Season 2 On the card?

If you are here for season 2, it is possible that it is on the cards, but certainly not yet. There has been no official announcement, nor has Hotstar renewed the series yet. Till then you dDownload Exclusive CPS Web Series 1 Season and Enjoy.

As Neeraj Pandey, he officially made a statement, “When we were discussing the show with Hotstar, we planned to create something that Price would remember, and we were clear about two things. First, we’ll conclude the story within the first season. I mean there will be nothing left, there is no loose end but at the same time, we wanted to build a brand and a franchise with which we could easily tell some other stories. Once our life returns to normal, we will know what to do. ”

So there is definitely some hope for something new, but not quite guaranteed yet.

Conclusion: Don’t miss out on this thrill Seeking series

If you are thrilled, you are looking for us Special Ops Review and This series has its own hands. The chase and action sequences couldn’t be any better, and the crisp writing and flow of the series is what makes it stand out. Also, there is no emphasis on characterization.

As much as it doesn’t make you sympathize with the character or add them on a deeper level or in simpler terms, choose your favorite bright side that the series strictly sticks to its story.

No past was discussed, no revenge was intended, there was only one pure manhunt for the one who mercilessly killed millions. And that’s what makes the show such a hit. So don’t wait any longer, grab your laptop or phone and start the hard eight episode anyway!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Special Ops Series: 2020

1. Is Special Ops a True Story?

The special OPS series is based on real-life incidents taken from the lives of officers working for the Indian Intelligence Agency. The show’s director Neeraj Pandey also spoke about the series. Neeraj said that Special Ops was a story that he had thought about years ago.

2. How many episodes in Special Ops?

So far 8 full episodes have been released online for this Hotstar series. And season 2 for this series will be released by the end of this year. You can learn more in this article.

3. Where to see the special Ops web series?

All episodes of the Special Ops series are available on Hotstar. To watch all episodes of the Special Ops show, you will need a one-month free trial or a paid subscription to that TheMiracleTech streaming service. Always try to support original content creators.

4. Will there be a special OPS season 2?

The special OPS series season 1 premiered on Hotstar on March 17, 2020. The series has been renewed for 2 seasons and a short clip will appear on its first anniversary, which gives us a glimpse into what will be in store this season. Currently, it is filming for Season 2 which began in November 2020 and is expected to be released in December 2021. So you have to wait for the official release.

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