Fans of Relite Rejoice, Ar Pn Piper are back on Netflix

“Mess You Live Behind” will be streaming Netflix From 11 December 2020. Based on an award-winning book of the same name in Spanish written by Carlos Montera, it will be a limited series affair. With only eight episodes in stock, the series is already quite entertaining with the actors and their roles. The series revolves around how one handles the grief, loss and guilt of losing someone.

Making a comeback to Netflix is ​​our favorite Arn Piper, who has been well received by fans of Ander. Already booked for season 4 of bookedlite, Ar isn is coming back as a troubled teen with “The Mess You Live Behind” once again. The series, however, is quite complicated as it appears on the death of a teacher that preceded the events of the series. The main protagonist is Raqil who is trying to make her marriage work and enrolls in a school as a replacement teacher in the fictional town of Norridge, her husband’s birthplace. But for her, life becomes even more difficult as she plunges deeper into the mystery of a mysterious death before she dies.

The series follows a dual timeline, where one story is currently shown and another story is shown in a flashback of a teacher named Viruka, who had a close relationship with her students. Currently, Raqil is offered his position and immediately starts receiving threats. As she digs deeper she becomes obsessed with the mystery of a dead woman and why she has to commit suicide. She faces the same troubles as her predecessor, and takes it upon herself to solve the mystery.

It starts off as a psychological thriller with the show starting as a drama as the mystery of Viruka’s death begins to unravel. The show addresses a very important topic, “harassment of teachers by students”. It is very strange to hear, but it is very prevalent and especially if someone falls prey to it and is not able to fight back, it can be a very disturbing turn for them. The series features Imma Cuesta, Roberto Enriquez, Barbara Lenny, Tamar Novas, Aaron Piper. It is directed by Carlos Monterra and produced by Netflix and co-produced by Vasa Productions. The series is also Netflix’s first show shot entirely in Galicia

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