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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 18 Tips: Teams, transfers, fixtures and captaincy options: The first empty gameweek of the season sees only 12 teams

Halfway through the Premier League one gets the first empty gameweek in Premier League land. With the FA Cup and Carabao Cup being held last weekend, only 12 teams will be in action, as Gamecave 18 will feature six matches.

In this round of fixtures some of the biggest clubs do not get off the pitch, with teams left for a befree of players. This leads to a busy uproar for the transfer as managers look to navigate their way around the test slate of matches.

Goal keeper

Karl Darlow, 5 million

Against the worst attacking team in the league, Darlow today has the possibility of emerging with a clean sheet at an all-time high.

The defenders

Kieran Tierney, 5.4 million

The Arsenal fullback is fast becoming one of the most integral figures of the Arteta era. The defender kills the club as the fish quickly earns a name with them.

João Cancillo, 5.8 million

The city has done a great job this season, that is to keep cleanliness. Defenders have been exceptional this season, with a player finally showing why the club excluded a staggering amount for his services.

Roman Sass, 5.1 million

With Dominic for Everton, Wolverhampton are today with a solid possibility of coming out unscathed. And Sass also provided the value of the park as well, to side three headers along the park.

Sergio Regillon, 5.7 million

Given their consistency, this Gomek 18 was remodeled, with Tottenham’s Reguilan making for a pick. He is up against Fulham, who have nothing to offer in the park and with Serbio’s assist in the Serbao Cup, he can end today with a wealth of points.


Kevin de Bruyne, 11.7 million

Scoring and assisting for City against Chelsea, Kevin de Bruyn may once again end up this time around.

Hing-min son, 9.8 million

They recorded their 12Th The goal of the season is the last time around, a strike that once again earns him a place in our framework for today’s outing.

Bruno Fernandes, 11.3 million

Although this consistency is going to be far from straight for her, Bruno’s current esoteric and electrifying form makes her see that she takes the name of a dice to go through this round without a match.

Phil Foden, 6.2 million

He has now scored in two consecutive matches and given a COVID affairs bout to revitalize City’s ranking, Foden also wants to work for the club today.

Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, 11.3 million

A name we were definitely far from, we will play a gamble on Aubameyang for this upcoming match against Crystal Palace. He scored in the team’s FA Cup tie and could easily make two on the bounce against an opposition staring at the barrel.

The striker

Harry Kane, 11 million

A goal and a final assist to see Harry Kane line up as our solitary striker.

Captaincy choice

Both Kane and Kevin were shouting impartially for the captain’s selection, but we’ll stick with Fulham’s defense because of Kane.

FPL League Code: hq3wos

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