Farm Machinery Bank Scheme 2021 | Farm Machinery Bank Yojana in hindi

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme 2021 (Agricultural Equipment Grant amount, application form registration, registration, check status, eligibility)

The Modi government has set a target to double the income of all farmers in the country by 2022. To accomplish this goal at the earliest, the government is implementing several schemes for farmers. In order to increase income, it is necessary that the farmers should adopt modern farming completely and do more farming using machines. Even today, there are many farmers in the country who do not know about modern machines, they do not know how to run them. There are millions of farmers in the country whose economic condition is not so good that they can buy these expensive equipment. Government to solve this problem Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Is starting From here, farmers can hire and use instruments for less money. Let us know what is the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme, what is the benefit from it, what is the application process. Read the article till the end so that you can understand it and apply and benefit from it.


Farm Machinery Bank Scheme


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Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana – Installment of the plan is not coming, submit these documents, work will be done soon

What is Farm Machinery Bank Scheme –

Use of machine is very important to promote modern farming. This will lead to good quality and quick farming, will reduce the hard work of farmers. In order to use this machine in the entire country, the government is implementing the Farm Machinery Bank scheme in the entire country. This is a kind of bank, where all the machines related to farming will be machines. The farmer can use it on rent.

Purpose of Farm Machinery Bank Scheme –

The main objective of the scheme is to raise the level of agriculture in the country and improve the condition of farmers. If farmers get big agricultural equipment by paying a low price on rent, then their farming will become very easy. The government is also helping the general public to open farm machinery bank, they are being given subsidy to buy equipment. Any common person can earn good money from this. Farm Machinery Bank Scheme will save the hard work and time of farmers.

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Customer Hiring Center –

The government is opening a customer hiring center for the expansion of Farm Machinery Bank in the entire country. The government has now set a target of 42000 centers, in the coming time they will open more such centers. Farm Machinery Bank can be opened easily with the help of these centers. Any person can apply and open Farm Machinery Bank by going here. For the convenience of the general public, the government will also launch portal and mobile app, from where any person can apply online and open their business by opening Farm Machinery Bank.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Scheme : Buy tractor with the help of government, start modern farming, will be good profit

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Agricultural Equipment Subsidy (Krishi Yantra Anudan) –

The government is further helping people to open a farm machinery bank. Government wants people to come forward and do this work. The government is giving 80% grant to open an agricultural machine purchase bank under the scheme. Meaning, whoever wants to open a farm machinery bank, he will have to spend only 20% of his expenses. If he wants, in easy installment, even after taking a loan from the bank, 20% can pay their share.

Features of Farm Machinery Bank (Farm Machinery Bank Yojana) –

  • These farm machinery banks are being established mainly in all the villages of the country, as it is the most cultivated area.
  • To make the farmers not have to go to the city to take advantage of this scheme, the government is now initially making 42000 such centers across the country.
  • The government is giving 80% grant for the purchase of agricultural implements that will be kept in the farm machinery bank, it means that a person can earn profit by opening this bank by spending only 20%.
  • Up to 10 lakh agricultural machinery or machine tools can be kept in farm machinery bank.
  • The government is giving subsidy ranging from 10 lakh to 1 crore to open this bank.
  • Under the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme, a grant will be given once in 3 years on any one agricultural device. After the purchase of the same equipment after 3 years, you can again apply for a grant from the government.
  • Under the scheme, the government will give subsidy on maximum three different agricultural implements in 1 year, farmers can open banks by taking advantage of it.
  • The Farm Machinery Bank scheme has already started in the state of Rajasthan, in the coming time this scheme will start in the state of all India.
  • Under the scheme, the government will give the grant amount directly into the bank account of the beneficiary, for this you will first have to buy the device at full cost, then by applying to the government, you can take subsidy of that device.

Agricultural Equipment Grant Scheme : Government is giving subsidy to buy agriculture, apply here and take advantage.

Under the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme, subsidy will be given on these devices (Agricultural Equipment Subsidy List) –

  • Farmer seed fertilizer drill,
  • Plow,
  • Thresher,
  • Tiller,
  • Subsidies will be available on expensive and large equipment like rotavators.

They will get special benefits of Farm Machinery Bank Scheme

  • Giving information about the scheme, the officials have said that if women, SC, ST, BPL card holders apply under the scheme, they will be given special benefits from the government. Their form will be given priority first.
  • Under the Farm Machinery Bank scheme, if small and marginal farmers apply, the government will give them priority first.

Eligibility Criteria of Farm Machinery Bank Scheme –

  • Indian Resident – Only people with citizenship of India will get the benefit of the scheme. An Indian citizen of any state can avail benefits by applying for this scheme.
  • Age – To take advantage of the scheme, it is necessary to be over 18 years of age.
  • Cast – Any caste or class person can apply under the scheme, there is no restriction in this.

How to open aadhar card center – The government is giving free Aadhaar card center franchise, you can also start your own business by applying

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Documents List –

  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • Poverty Line Card (if any)
  • Bank account information
  • Passport size photo
  • Age certificate
  • The natives
  • Caste certificate (if you belong to a particular caste)
  • Agricultural Equipment Purchase Bill

How to apply online for Farm Machinery Bank Scheme (Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Registration) –

Under the scheme, the government has also started the online application process, for which a mobile app will also be available soon.

  • For application in Farm Machinery Bank scheme, you Link Click
  • Here on the home page, click on the registration link above, in the drop down you will see four options.
  • You click it according to your category, after which a form will open.
  • In the form, you will have to enter all your personal information as well as mobile number, GST number.
  • After filling the information, check it well, then upload the document.
  • You can complete the registration process by submitting it.

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Track Status –

You can also track the status of your form online. For this, you have to click on the track status in the portal and enter the reference number there. Here you will get a status show on the screen.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Rural – Government has released new beneficiary list, check when you will get benefit from your name

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme Offline Application Process –

You can visit the nearest CSC center or kiosk center of your state to apply in Farm Machinery Bank scheme. Here you will find the form on which you fill all your necessary information, attach the documents and submit them to the officer. After your form is accepted, you will start benefiting from it.

If you want to take advantage of the scheme, then apply soon. You can benefit by applying online or offline. If you want to do business related to agriculture, then this is your good option.

general question –

Q: Who can avail the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme?

Ans: Any Indian application can avail tax benefits under the scheme.

Q: Which instruments will be found on rent in Farm Machinery Bank?

Ans: All agricultural machinery will be found here.

Q: How much will be the rent for renting agricultural machinery in Farm Machinery Bank?

Ans: It is not known yet.

Q: How is the government helping to open a farm machinery bank?

Ans: The government is giving a grant to buy equipment.

Q: How much grant is being received under the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme?

Ans: 80 percent

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