Film Review: Nishbadam – TheMiracleTech

2.5/ 5

126 minutes. Thriller | 2020/02/10

cast – Anushka, Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madsen, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju and others

Director – Hemant Madhukar

the creator – TG Vishwa Prasad

Banner – People’s Media Factory

music – Gopi Sundar

Nishabdham looked promising from the start with its star cast and setting. However, it became another disappointing film that opted directly for a digital release.

What is it about

Sakshi (Anushka) and Anthony (Madhavan) go to a haunted house where the latter is killed. Maha (Anjali), a crime detective tries to get information about the murder from Sakshi, who is a mute. Witnesses explain to him that it is a ghost who has killed Anthony. But Maha has his doubts and starts digging into the details and finds the shocking truth about Sakshi and Anthony.


Anushka comes up with a terrific performance as a silent artist. She has done a good job portraying pain and emotions, which the witness does without uttering a word. Madhavan is as charming as ever. Anjali is fine as an investigating officer. Subbaraju and Shalini Pandey are good in their respective roles. Michael Madsen looked strange and not so confident as the chief cop.


Hemant Madhukar found the thriller’s look and feel right. Nishbam is technically sound with great technical values. It has a tricky plot and direction is particularly good at shot making. However, Hemant fails to disclose the story in a compelling way. Despite many twists, Nishabd never bothered his audience due to the slow and badly starring scenes.

Gopi Sundar’s soundtrack is average. Girish’s score is superb as it also has some mediocre scenes. Cinematography is impressive, but the camera deliberately confuses the viewer in some cases. The production design is on point and the editing is crisp. Production values ​​are high.


Nishabdam’s look and feel is comparable to international cinema. The location, visual, sound design and production design give this thriller an authentic look. The director and his crew have definitely worked on the aesthetics and provide a visually imposing experience for their audience. However, the film’s script is half-done to say the least. Nishabdham has an intriguing setup and enigmatic character, but the story is not told in an engaging manner.

The choice of actors is also strange and out of place. Anjali and Michael are not convinced as investigating officers. A young Shalini Pandey, playing the best role of Anushka, is a suspicious choice. On this side, no character is well-formed which at times makes their behavior strange. Poor character development from some characters’ unexpected acts also steals surprise and shock value.

Telling most of the story in audio format through voiceover of various characters is a bad tool employed by writers. We never feel anxious for any of the characters when they are walking in potentially dangerous situations. Such poor writing and direction! Some twists are not yet predictable but can be estimated before they actually appear.

The reason for everything that has happened in the film should be the most assured of all, but this is where Nishbad goes completely wrong. The reason seems bizarre and silly. The actions of those characters are also absurd. Even if you are invested lightly in the story, you will be disappointed in how it unfolds and draws conclusions. One hopes to tell a better story and at the forefront to tell the story with such great talents.

Nishabdam has become another disappointing film from Tollywood that has dropped its theatrical release. Probably a wise choice!

Bottom Line: This silence is uncomfortable!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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