Film Review: V – TheMiracleTech

2.5/ 5

Amazon Thriller | 2020/05/09

cast – Nani, Sudhir Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao Hydari and others

Director – Indraganti Mohana Krishna

the creator – Raju, Sirish, Harshit Reddy

Banner – Sri Venkateswara Creations

music – Amit Trivedi

V is the first major film to release TheMiracleTech as theaters remained closed during the epidemic. The film had Nani and Sudhir playing the lead roles along with Babu and had high expectations with Mohana Krishna, a talented filmmaker. However, sadly Vee was disappointed.

What is it about

DCP Aditya (Sudhir) is considered a super cop by the media and public with an impeccable record. A brutal murder occurs and the killer directly challenges Aditya. The killer goes on a killing spree and leaves his signature ‘V’ on each corpse. V aka Vishnu (Nani) also keeps calling Aditya from various unknown numbers and continues to challenge him by providing details about where the next murder will take place. Why is Vishnu killing everyone? What does Aditya find about him?


Nani tries her best to make Vee attractive with her performance. The character is different from what he usually does, but this is not a novel. Sudhir Babu becomes equal if not more footage as Nani and he tries earnestly to do justice to his character. Aditi Rao Hydari appears in a guest role and Nivetha Thomas plays a character that makes no sense. Vanella Kishore, Naresh and Tanikela Bharani are notable actors among others.


Mohana Krishna Indraganti’s films are largely enjoyable in general. He is known for his lighthearted entertainment. V is a crime thriller that is different from his previous films. V has an interesting plot, but is poorly developed with many absurd and some downright silly scenes. Attempting to present it in a commercial format is big time as V does not raise the average score at any point. Thaman’s background score is loud but intriguing. Cinematography is good in action sequences. There is no edit icon. Some dialogues are good. Production values ​​are decent.


V is promoted as a separate film, but becomes a regular fare. Anyone who saw the trailer would have guessed that Nani is killing people for a strong reason. And V arrives at that point in the most possible way. The challenge seems interesting as a result of Nani’s introduction and Sudhir’s character. But the statement falls flat with Sudhir’s character that there is not enough potential to stop Nani from killing the next person.

Sudhir’s romance track with Nivetha Thomas made her character weak and aimless. Nani has nothing more than to kill people using various techniques. So, the director intermixed a few scenes of the comedy and Nani enjoyed it. The real idea of ​​the film is to present it as a cat and mouse game, but it is never exciting because Nani is always one step ahead of Sudhir.

Nanny’s backstory prediction v. The biggest drawback is director Indraganti Mohana Krishna, a poorly written story, which is neither engaging nor emotional. The army episode is thrown away just to take the character of the police killer one step further. There are many movies where the hero commits a crime to bring justice to the bad guys and an honest cop tries to stop him.

Nani has been picking good scripts recently, but V has nothing new on any front. He is presented as a typical action hero. He did his best despite the shortcomings. TheMiracleTech release is like a blessing in disguise for V as it does not have enough stuff to become a winner at the box office.

Bottom Line: Dull and Flat!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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