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Long before teaser Final Fantasy XVI Is finally published by square Enix. The teaser revealed details of the characters and the game’s world.

Final Fantasy XVI is an upcoming action role-playing game. It is being developed and published by Square Enix.

There are three main characters in Final Fantasy 16 which you can see in the tweet below. On the left, it is Clive who is the keeper of his younger brother Joshua who is in the middle. On the right side is a Jill who is a family friend who has been familiar with the pair for some time.

Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed some more details on the trio in the PlayStation blog. Clive Rosefield is the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16. Yoshida further revealed that the young knight and elder man seen in the debut trailer are the same. These two are Clive.

You can see the major art of Final Fantasy XVI in the tweet below. The art shows an older version of Clive Rosefield.

Well, you can find the teaser on that website where you will get more information about the in-game world. The land is known as Valistha. The name of the land means “A Land Blessed by the Light of the Motherland.” A total of six states have been distributed throughout the country. And, this is the Grand Duchy of Rosaria from where Clive, Joshua and Jill were brought.

However, another major announcement about Final Fantasy XVI will be made in 2021. Well, Evolve are mainly focused on completing the game.

Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PS5.

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