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Vijay Venkatesh is currently remaking Tamil blockbuster Asuran. Dhanush Starr is an action drama which is very raw and realistic. Vetrimaran directed the film. Srikanth Adala is remaking the film in Telugu. When the producers chose Adala as the director, many were wondering how Srikanth Adala could pull off an intense action drama.

Usually, Adala’s films promote peace, happiness, simplicity in life. However, on the occasion of Sankranti, the film unit launched a ‘Srikanth-Adala-Nishan’ poster to wish fans the festival.

The latest picture shows that Narappa is on vacation with his family members. Venkatesh and Priyamani play the role of husband and wife in the film. C / O Kancharapalem’s Karthik Ratnam plays Venkatesh’s elder son in the film.

Narappa is also survived by a teenage son and a young daughter. We can see everyone smiling happily in the picture. Kalapuli S. Thanu and Suresh Babu are jointly producing the film.

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