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Is ‘South Park’ ready to release its much awaited season 25 or will we have to wait longer? let’s find out!

South Park premiered in August 1997. It soon became a favorite of many children and adults due to its attractive laughter. Since then the popular animated series has gained immense popularity with some complaining parents and controversies. Even after so many years, ‘South Park’ has managed to cross hundreds of episodes and has yet to release more episodes. Considering its immense popularity, ‘South Park ‘has been renewed for more seasons. ‘South Park’ revolves around four characters, third-grade boys who live in ‘South Park’, Colorado. They are Stanley “Stan” Marsh, Kyle Broflowski, Kenneth “Kenny” McCormick and Eric Cartman. Voice for iconic characters of ‘South Park’ Mona Marshall, April Stewart, Adrian Byrd and Jennifer Howell.


  • ‘South Park’ was renewed for more episodes
  • When is South South Park ‘season 25 releasing?
  • Watch ‘South Park’ episode online

‘South Park’ was renewed for more episodes

In 2019, ‘South Park’ was renewed by Comedy Central for seasons 24, 25 and 26. During its 23rd season, the iconic show hit a milestone of three hundred episodes. The last time it received a renewal of three seasons was during its nineteenth season. ‘South Park’ has now become the longest running animated series in only four seasons after ‘The Simpsons’. Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be responsible for creating and writing the animated series.

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Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone released a statement Following the renovation of ‘South Park’ for seasons 24, 25 and 26: “Obviously, our efforts to cancel our own shows have fallen short”, Referring to season 22 of the cartoon, #CancelSouthPark Campaign. He said how he loves Comedy Central and its president Kent Alterman and their staff. He further joked about how they look forward to new cancellation opportunities over the next few years.

Kent UltermanThe president of Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land also added that ‘South Park’ is the biggest comedy in television history. It is unmatched in its satirical power, cultural relevance, and shows no signs of slowing down. “If humanity is still intact in 1000 years, historians will see the most accomplished artists of our era as the Beatles, Muhammad Ali and Matt and Trey. We will do as many seasons as they want.”, Said Alterman.

In an interview with “Hollywood reporter”, Parker and Stone talked about how the decision to renew the show for a few more years did not involve lengthy discussion.

“I don’t think we ever did well, let’s sit down and decide we’re going”

Parker said.

Added stone,

“I am 48 years old. Trey turned 50 this year. So, I would say that I don’t think we will do this show when we are 60 years old.

Parker also said that he had said in earlier interviews that he would stop the animated series when he arrived in the 60s.

When is South South Park ‘season 25 releasing?

Currently, ‘South Park’ has successfully released twenty-three seasons. Its previous season was a huge success. Therefore, people are now waiting for the release of the rest of ‘South Park’. Therefore, to release season 25, the ‘South Park’ makers must first release the episodes of season 24. Sadly, due to the coronovirus epidemic, production was halted. Therefore, at present, there are no official release dates for ‘South Park’ seasons 24, 25, and 26. An hour-long epidemic-based episode of ‘South Park’ was released on 30 September. So, technically, we can count it as the first episode of season 24. We can expect the remaining episodes of ‘South Park’ season 24 to be out by 2021, followed by season 25.

Watch ‘South Park’ episode online

American viewers can watch episodes of ‘South Park’ Hbo max As it has streaming rights to the show including new episodes. You can also watch episodes online on Comedy Central’s website.

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UK viewers can watch the new ‘South Park’ episodes on Comedy Central UK. Amazon prime video The UK also has the first twenty-two seasons of ‘South Park’ available. Netflix uk There are also many seasons to see. Indian viewers can also stream the twenty-two season of ‘South Park’ Netflix India

Let’s know how much you like the show, and what you want to see in the upcoming season. Give your thoughts in the comment box below.

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