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Sounds like peace, after all, can fly again! Fox seems open to the idea of ​​a reboot for the series ‘Firefly’ but on one condition. What wires are connected? Keep reading to find out!

News for Space Cowboys! ‘Fireflymake The universe is preparing for another big bang because the reboot talks are already growing. Although a tie-in-film of the ‘Jugnu’ series already exists, Fox Seems interested in a reboot but a condition. What is this? Scroll down to find out more!

main characteristics –

  • Fans of ‘Jugnu’ are shocked about the reboot
  • Fox open for a ‘firefly’ reboot limited series
  • However, there is one condition!

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Fans of ‘Jugnu’ are shocked about the reboot

Firefly‘Has been a major favorite of fans throughout his run. With a story with Captain Mal and his team of Browncoat experts, ‘Jugnu’ soon rose to the top, along with the peculiarTo seeLists. The series was discontinued and two years later, a franchise film, ‘Sanity’ was brought out. A decade and later, the original producer and network ”Jugnu’ looks forward to making a series reboot in mint condition. Fans of the show have always been very passionate about the series. More so because it was a brief run keeping love and excitement fresh and alive. Following the same streak, fans are not too optimistic and feel right, as their favorite series is being rebooted.


A fan wrote on Twitter,

“Do not get too excited. Everything about it feels bad. The only way this could go bad is if they announced that they were casting parts using only cast members from the 1980–81 #SNL season. #FireflyReboot ”.

One reason for this is that there is word around the city that the entire cast is not coming back and people are getting very angry at him. Another fan wrote on Twitter,

“#Disney Deaf again for #Firefly fans. A reboot without @Joss? #WTF Hard No. What are you thinking? Bad enough that you decided not to use the original cast and give us a season 2 . # Time “.

Fox open for a ‘firefly’ reboot limited series

Tim Fox, executive producer of the classic Fox series ‘Firefly’, teased fans recently Chance to return for show reboot Or a revival, but on one condition. Fans were immediately jumping guns and then something else, which fueled further when Jose Whedon retweeted Minier’s tweet. The space-western series starring Nathan Fillion created a buzz during its heyday and, once again, people are looking forward to a massive comeback for the show.

other than this, Michael Thorne, president of Fox Entertainment, does not want to bring the show back because it is a classic and is an age of reboot and revival. The idea behind rebooting the series is also that given the market value of the ‘Jugnu’ series as a brand, it will be highly profitable. Thorne said,

“In this crowded market if you can start with some kind of brand awareness and IP that has a vocal support and in this case, a crazy, passionate love for it, you’re ahead of the game”.

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However, there is one condition!

Fox’s president and the show’s original executive producer are open to bring the series reboots’Firefly‘But there is a condition. The reboot should be made as a limited series of eight or ten episodes Which will serve for both adventure and memorabilia. The owner of Fox Entertainment Network has agreed to reboot ‘Firefly’, provided the space adventure is kept short and sweet.

Furthermore, Thorne had revealed that the idea of ​​a ‘firefly’ reboot is not a new one and was approached earlier when ‘The Orville’ was already airing. At the time, it made no sense for the network to run a space-focused show at the same time. Now that that’s out of the way, rethinking a reboot for the classic ‘Firefly’ seems like an admirable thing.

Michael Thorne spoke to The Wrap “Full openIt was as an idea to keep the reboot reliable and original. that said,

“Macro’s answer is, anytime we see one of our classic titles if there’s a way to reinvigorate it for today it’s as resonating now as it was original, and for fans, we Are widespread “.

Would you like the ‘Jugnu’ series to come back with a reboot? Let us know in the comments below!

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