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Geneva, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – Firmenich is marking its 125th anniversary today with the launch of its redeveloped website providing unprecedented insight into the world’s largest privately owned fragrance and flavor company. Firmenich.com Opens new digital avenues for direct customer engagement and showcases the group’s creativity, world-class science and top-rated sustainability performance in greater depth than ever before.

“This year we are marking a historic milestone, our 125th anniversary,” said Patrick Firmenich, Chairman of the Board. “Only the biggest companies, which reinvent themselves in the post-era era, make it this far. Our new website brings alive our heritage of responsible business and lasting family values ​​that have been the foundation of our success for more than five generations. “

“Firmenich.com takes our online experience to the next level, using the latest technology to form successful partnerships with a wider range of customers in the new normal,” he said. Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firemanich. “For 125 years, Firmenich has helped shape the future of fragrance and taste, consistently; Today we are opening up new insights into our fragrance, flavors and content innovation and offering single-click access to our trends and expertise to businesses worldwide. “

“Firmenich has increased the amount of compelling content online through doubling the number of pages and investing in new digital tools to enhance the user experience, such as powerful predictive search and personalized content,” he said. Eric Sarachi, Chief Digital and Information Officer. “And this is just the beginning: We will roll out more dynamic functionality for better engagement with customers, investors, media and future prospects, understand their priorities and drive business-specific journeys across our digital platforms.”

Fresh and animated content optimized for a wide range of mobile and desktop devices spans 450 pages, and is easily navigated through a new single-click architecture, along with customized search functions. Four distinct homepage experiences cover group businesses: fragrances, tastes and beyond, and ingredients, as well as corporate matters for careers. These sections allow the user to rapidly engage with their specific area of ​​interest and provide direct business contact through a new digital tool.

A new media room brings together all of the Germanic press releases as well as other resources and material to help journalists build their stories.

The website also features a new online magazine with curated content and it shares the stories of diverse and global teams of researchers and creators who are behind Fermanich’s innovation in perfumes and flavors. The sustainability journey of the group is based on the entire environment, in the same way that the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is embedded in all the activities of the group.

Firmenich.com is optimized for the blind and is ADA-compliant, encouraging accessibility in line with the company’s diversity and inclusion policy. To discover Firmenich’s new website, we invite you to visit www.firmenich.com.

About firmenich

Firmenich is the world’s largest privately owned fragrance and flavor company, founded Geneva, SwitzerlandIn 1895 And been Family owned for 125 years. Firmenich is a leading business-to-business company specializing in the research, manufacture, sales of perfumes, flavors and ingredients. Its world-class research and is known for creativity, as well as its leadership in sustainability, Firmenic Provides better to its customers Newness in Formulation, a comprehensive and high-quality palette of ingredients, And proprietary technologies including biotechnology, encapsulation, olfactory and flavor modulation. Firmenich’s annual turnover was 3.9 billion Swiss francs In the end June 2020. More information about Firmenich is available www.firmenich.com.

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