Food War Season 3 is getting its dubbing version, who are the dubbing artists?

Food wars; Shokugeki no Soma is a Japanese manga series, produced under the direction of Yuttutsukuda and Shun Saki. The entire series ran from November 2012 to June 2019. Between the second season’s food wars! Second Plate, Third Season Food Wars! Third Plate and Fourth Sequel Wars! The fourth plate was released in 2016, 2017 and 2019 respectively.

When can we expect the English dubbed version of Food Wars Season 3?

The series recently released its previous and fifth seasons Food Wars! ; Fifth plate in 2020. On the other hand, they also released a dubbed version of its first two seasons.

But now the question is, can fans expect Food Wars: the third plate in the dubbed version?

Yes the wait is over! In mid-2019, Sentai Filmworks has openly announced that they have got home video rights and assured that fans can expect food wars !: The third plate ever in 2020.

What is Food Wars manga generally about?

The story of the series takes place in a culinary school in Tokyo called Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute run by Count Dojima. Candidates can enter the institute only through an entrance examination. The culinary complex is surrounded by research committees, cooking classes and other competitive rooms. Polaris Dormitory is a special home where, to enter, students have to impress the dorm matron with their excellent food. The plot continues with the capture of top student cooks in the council of the school’s highest governing body, followed by the director.

Students in the institution are put into a cooking war / food war against other students. The fight is silly in that students sometimes fight for suspension from cooking vessels, research society facilities, council membership, or even the institution.

Who are the voice overs in the dubbed version of Food Wars season 3?

  • Blake to Shekhardwill for voicing for Soma Yukihira.
  • Stephanie Wittonles becoming part of Arena Nakiri
  • Jadoo Saxton dubbed for Megumi Tadokoro.
  • Bison Bogus to voice for Tsumi Aldini
  • Hitako Arato is voiced by Brittany Karbowski.
  • Chatrin Kelly to give voice for Alice Nakiri
  • Scott Gibbs, voiced for Satoshi Ishiki and other notable characters, has revealed his involvement in the Food Wars crew!

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