Food Wars Season 5: Is Episode 13 the Last Episode of the Show?

Although the anime completed the series with Food Wars Season 5 as its final and final season, it was not very satisfactory. Fans are wondering if a season 6 will come. However, we do not have any good news for you as it was already determined that season 5 would be the last. The show first aired on April 4, 2015. Yoshitomo Yonatani is the director of the anime series with Shogo Yaskawa as the writer. The show ran from April to September 2020. Food Wars had an impressive rating for the manga series and was therefore premiered as an anime. The show also garnered positive reviews from its fans over the years. The anime is also available as a television series manga and light novel.

What is the story of food war season 5?

The show revolves around a young aspiring chef who wants to be better than his father. He is also a culinary expert and owns his own restaurant. Somo wanted to work in his father’s restaurant. However, he has other plans for life. He is enrolled in an elite culinary school and has to participate in competitions there.

The final season featured the protagonist Somo taking part in a contest where he would have to give his all to impress Judge Shinomiya. He combines his knowledge of French cuisine in a simple recipe of Oycodone which is basically a bowl of chicken and egg rice. However, we see the result and … there is no spoilage here. Last season also featured a blooming relationship in Somo’s life.

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Other updates on the show

Ever since we know that the show has ended with its fifth season, fans are disappointed because they can no longer see the characters and their delicious dishes on screen. Japanese and English dubbed versions are also available on Netflix. Fans were expecting a new season or episode as the previous one was not up to the mark. However, it was predetermined to end the show with Food Wars 5.

The main cast of the show included Soma Yukihira, Arena Nakiri, Megumi Tadokoro. With supporting characters such as Polaris Dormitory, Fumio Demido, Satoshi Ishiki, Yoki Yoshino, Sean Ibusaki, Genji Marui throughout the show.

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