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The mixed critical response to Gail Gadot starring ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has not stopped Warner Bros. from pursuing the film for consideration in all categories at the next Academy Awards. The film was praised for its ‘escapist qualities’, but was also called a little cliche.

After watching the first part in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ 2017, fans could not live up to the expectations. Even the graphics, which is a very important aspect of superhero films, was not up to the mark. Under all these circumstances, sending ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to consider a wise decision at the Oscars?

The categories for which Warner Bros. has asked Academy members to consider ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ include Best Director for Patty Jenkins; Best Adapted Screenplay for Jenkins, Geoff Johns and Dave Calham; Best Actress for Gal Gadot; Best Supporting Actress for Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen; Best Supporting Actor for Chris Pine; Pedro Pascal; Best Cinematography for Matthew Jensen; Best Film Editing for Richard Pearson; Best costume design for Lindy Hemming; Best score for Hans Jimmer.

The first question that comes to mind on such a decision by Warner Bros. is, was it inspired by the box office numbers of ‘Wonder Asia’? But we all know that the Oscar is an award that goes to the credibility of the film, its flawed performance and the technological advancements in its production and the most coveted awards for choosing the film for the industry at the box office.

Previous DC films competing for the Oscars include ‘Joker’, which was nominated last year under 11 categories and won awards for Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and Composer (Hildur Guanadotir). Also, we have ‘Dark the Dark Knight’ which won Heath Ledger and Best Supporting Actor Award for Best Sound Editing; ‘Batman’ (1989) for Best Production Design; And ‘Superman’ (1978) for special achievement in visual effects. Only among the DC Extended Universe ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016) has the honor of receiving the Academy Award and was for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Do you think ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is the right choice to be pushed for an Oscar nomination?

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