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Actress Amala Paul has been allowed by the Madras High Court to prosecute her former boy-friend and singer Bhavninder Singh. The singer has claimed to have married the actress and released photos through her social media account and claimed to be tied to the wedding in a secret ceremony. The pictures went viral ever since.

The couple were dressed in traditional attire and looked very happy. However, the actress has denied all rumors about the wedding. The couple got engaged in 2018 but the singer started withdrawing money from Amala Paul, which led to their breakup. After the photos went viral, Bhavninder Singh deleted all the photos and later deleted his account.

Amala has said that the images were taken for commercial purposes and accused the singer of misusing it. Amala demanded from the Madras High Court and decided to file a defamation case for publishing the pictures with incorrect headlines. The actress is currently working on her projects Victim, Bhale Tamudu, and Dogoduchadu which is set for release by the end of the year.

Before getting into a relationship with Bhavninder Singh, Amala Paul married director AL Vijay but separated from her divorce. Neither Amala nor Vijay talked about the reasons for their divorce, with Vijay’s father saying that actor Dhanush is the only reason. Amala Paul later condemned it.

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