Former WWE Star Blocked Game by Twitter for Violating “Child Sexual Exploitation Policy”

The former WWE star was blocked by Twitter for violating the “child sexual abuse policy”. His Facebook account was also blocked for 30 days.

Donald Trump is not the only name associated with WWE that has recently been blocked by Twitter. Former WWE star Sean Morley, also known as Val Venice, has revealed that he was briefly blocked by Twitter for violating his “child sexual abuse policy”.

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Venice claims that the social media platform tried to shut him down as he shared evidence of molestation of Hunter Biden, President-elect’s son Joe Biden, former President Barrack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama. He also revealed that his Facebook account has been blocked for the next 30 days.

Not for the first time!

This is not the first time Venice has stepped on social media to share conspiracy theories. He previously called Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and Arnold Schwarzenegger a “traitor” who sold America to Communist China.

Recently, he claimed that Vatican City suffered a massive blackout. This, according to him, was done to arrest the Pope on charges related to child trafficking. The claim has since been proven false.

Venice joined the WWE in 1998, achieved a regular fixture in the midcard and won the Intercontinental Championship twice. He now also held the European European Championship and the Tech Tag Team Championship once every time.

He was released following promotion in 2009, after which he toured Japan and Australia before signing with TNA. However less than half a year later, he announced that he was done with the promotion and moved away from the company.

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