Free Coaching Scheme Free Coaching Scheme for SC / ST in hindi

Free coaching scheme 2020 (free coaching SC / ST, eligibility, amount) (free coaching scheme for SC / ST in Hindi) (how to apply online, eligibility, student list, amount)

The future of our country lies in the hands of the youth. They will advance the country by working for the betterment and national prosperity of the country. And this is possible only when they get proper education and professional success. The central and state government conducts entrance exams for people who are very enthusiastic to get TMT. They pass these exams and make their place in colleges and universities to pursue higher education. To pass these exams, they need to get appropriate coaching, but there are many people who have the desire to pass these exams but do not have the money. They are especially students of SC and OBC. To help them, the Central Government has launched a ‘free coaching scheme’. How students can take advantage of it, its information will be available from here.

Information about the launch of free coaching scheme

Name of scheme Free coaching scheme
Center or state At the central level
Was launched By Narendra Modi
Was announced Thawar Chand Gehlot
Start of application From September 2020
Application deadline September 18, 2020
Beneficiary Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes Students
Relevant departments Social Justice and Empowerment Department
Official portal

All classes of people want to avail the scholarship scheme. Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme Can lift under

Features of free coaching scheme

  • Facilities for students :– With the implementation of this scheme, the students will get financial aid. And mentally talented candidates will be encouraged to make better lives for themselves.
  • financial help :– The central government will pay sufficient amount to the beneficiaries so that they can pay the fees incurred in the coaching classes.
  • Marginal Applicant:– This scheme has been made for poor students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes.
  • Amount received by local students:Under the announcement of this scheme, it has been said that a scholarship of Rs 3000 will be given to the local students selected for coaching classes.
  • Amount for Outside Candidates:– Those beneficiaries who go to another city to join coaching classes will be given a grant of Rs. 6000.
  • Additional Financial Assistance:– Students who are not physically able can take other people with them to help them move from one place to another. For this expenditure, a special allowance of Rs. 2 thousand will be given to those disabled beneficiaries under this scheme.
  • Total seats :– The Central Government has decided to sponsor for providing coaching lessons for 2000 candidates.
  • The scheme will apply:– All the colleges, universities and coaching centers registered by the government will be included in this scheme. Private organizations and established private coaching classes will be included in this.
  • Distribution of funds : The central government has mentioned that the amount to be distributed to the selected beneficiaries will be transferred to their bank account through direct benefit transfer mode.

Selected courses in free coaching scheme (Course)

  • UPSC, SSC and Railway exams for Group A and B.
  • State Public Service Yoga Examination for Group A and B.
  • Conduct examination by banks, public sector undertakings and insurance companies for the post of officer.
  • JEE – Coaching to clear IIT, Medical, AIEEE, CAT and CLAT examinations.
  • Coaching to pass the entrance examination of GRE, SAT, TOEFL and GMAT.

If you are a student of Haryana then the state government there is giving Super 100 Scheme Haryana You can also take advantage of

Eligibility criteria in free coaching scheme (eligibility criteria)

  • Residential qualification:– All applicants must be legally permanent citizens of India.
  • Eligibility for students :– If the applicant has not been selected as a student by the coaching center, then they will not be offered scholarship.
  • Caste Eligibility:To apply under this scheme, only people belonging to scheduled castes and OBCs or other backward classes will be included.
  • Family Income:– The annual income of the family of the applicant joining this scheme should be less than 8 lakh rupees, more people will not be given the benefit of this scheme.
  • Only 2 chances:– The beneficiaries given in this scheme can avail only 2 times.

Documents required for free coaching scheme (Document list)

  • Residential Certificate:– For verification, applicants will need a scanned copy of their Aadhaar and voter card.
  • Coaching class documents:Documents are issued for applicants by the coaching institute, which each beneficiary will have to demonstrate during the application for the scheme.
  • caste certificate :– Every candidate must also display the caste certificate which has been passed by the Government of India.
  • income certificate :- It is necessary for the applicants to also show the certificate of annual income of their family.

Resident of Uttarakhand Super 100 Free Coaching Scheme Under can get help in getting your higher education.

How to apply for free coaching scheme (How to apply for free coaching scheme for SC / ST)

  • To make the application process easier, the central government has opted for portal based enrollment. A website for this scheme has been launched recently. Applicants who enroll in this scheme are eligible Link Click
  • On reaching the homepage of this website, they will get the option of ‘Login’ below, applicants will have to click on it.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of them, where the beneficiaries will get the virtual nomination form of this scheme.
  • Applicants have to fill all the information asked in the form with the appropriate information.
  • After filling the form, a scanned copy of all the important documents is required to be attached with the virtual registration form.
  • A scanned copy of all important documents must be attached to the virtual registration form.

Status check of application in free coaching scheme (Check status online)

  • In this scheme, there is an opportunity to apply through online mode, so candidates will have to visit the same official portal to check the status of registration.
  • For this, the website will be updated soon by the concerned department, in which a link to check the status will be given.

Super 100 plan Madhya Pradesh It has also been run in If residents of Madhya Pradesh want to take advantage of this scheme, then apply.

In this way, the government is giving free coaching facility to poor students so that they can be able to get higher education.

general question

Q: What is free coaching scheme?

Years: It is a scheme started by the Central Government to provide financial assistance for coaching to the scheduled caste and other backward class poor students to get higher education.

Q: Are these plans for Scheduled Tribes?

Years : No

Q: Is it applicable for academic and professional coaching sessions?

Years: Yes

Q: What is the official website of free coaching scheme?

Years :

Q: How many times will all the beneficiaries get benefits?

Years : 2 times

Q: What is the last date to fill the application form in free coaching scheme?

Years: September 18, 2020

Why: What is the annual family income limit in a free coaching scheme?

Years: Should not be more than 8 lakhs.

Why: What is the special allowance amount in free coaching scheme?

Years: Rs 3,000 for local students, Rs 6,000 for outside students and Rs 2000 for disabled.

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