Free online career skills training on National Career Services (NCS) portal

Central Government. Free online career skills training for all registered job seekers on National Career Services (NCS) portal has started 2020-2021. This “Free Career Skill Training Online” initiative has been launched on in partnership with TCS Ion. People can now apply in COVID-19 lockdown by filling free online career skills training application / registration form, check benefits, course syllabus, services offered on NCS portal and other initiatives for labor market.

The National Career Service (NCS) is a mission mode project undertaken by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of India for the establishment of quick and efficient career related services across the country. This is done by transforming existing employment-enabled existing center-wide set-ups into IT-enabled career centers.

The free online career skills training module is available in both Hindi and English on the official NCS portal. About 76 online job fairs have been conducted by NCS during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown period.

Apply online 2020-2021 Forms on the free online career skills training NCS portal

The complete procedure to apply by filling the free online career skills training application / registration form 2020-2021 on National Career Services (NCS) portal is given below: –

Phase 1: First go to the official website

stage 2: On the homepage, click on “job seekerClick the link in the main menu or directly This link

step 3: Then click “New User? Sign up“Button on the right side of the page: –

National Career Services NCS Jobseeker Registration

step 3: Here applicants can enter their personal details, UID type, number, DOB, e-mail ID, mobile number and other details and then click “Click”.Presented“Button to complete the job seeker registration process.

Central Government Schemes 2020-2021Central government scheme hindiPopular schemes in central:Narendra Modi scheme listNREGA job card listList of government schemes in hindi

step 4: All registered job seekers will be able to get free online career skills training under the NCS project.


The course consists of the following modules under the free online skills training course:

Module 1: Learn Corporate Etiquette Learn common business etiquette in a corporate setting

Module 2: Write an Effective Email Create a professional email with impressive content and a strong subject line

Module 3: Prepare a strong resume and cover letter Understand how to create a winning resume and cover letter

Module 4: Improving Interpersonal Skills for Better Results Enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Module 5: Be Prepared for Group Discussion Know why group discussions are held and learn to participate actively

Module 6: Make Effective Presentations Learn how to create and create engaging and effective presentations

Module 7: Understand ACE Corporate Interview How to understand and participate in corporate interviews

Module 8: Develop soft skills that are the demands of the industry Know the importance of soft skills to get better results

Module 9: Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette Follow etiquette during work related telecalls

What services are provided on the National Career Services Portal

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is implementing the NCS project for the transformation of the National Employment Service through an online portal ( This is done to provide various types of employment related services which are as follows: –

  1. job seeking
  2. Job mail
  3. Career Counseling
  4. vocational guidance
  5. Information on skill development course
  6. Pupil
  7. an internship

About 1 crore active job seekers and 54 thousand active employers are registered on NCS and about 73 lakh vacancies have been collected through the portal so far. About 1000 employment exchanges including 200 model career centers across the country are integrated with NCS.

Benefits of free online career skills training

Following are the benefits of free online career skills training course on NCS portal: –

a) This free online career skills training course focuses on soft skills to assist learners in enhancing personality development with modules on corporate etiquette.

B) Inter personal skills of registered jobbers who do this course will be improved.

C) Applicants will be able to give an impressive presentation today along with other necessary soft skills demanded by the industry.

NCS initiative for labor market in COVID-19 lockdown

The NCS has also taken several other initiatives to mitigate challenges in the labor market due to COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown of the economy. An online job fair is being organized to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, where the entire cycle from job posting to candidate selection can be completed on the portal. Around 76 online job fairs have been organized by NCS during the locking period.

In order to give direct access to job seekers in such TMT, a special link has been created from the Work for Home Jobs and online training on the NCS portal home page. NCS also provides video profile creation functionality for job seekers in partnership with HIREMEE, a platform that provides online evaluation and rental services. Job seekers can demonstrate their ability in recruiters using short video clips. All services at NCS are free.

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