G20 Riyadh Summit Week: Securing a Future for the Tech of Coral Reefs – DKODIN

As part of its commitment to the protection of the planet and contribute to the protection of vulnerable habitat coral reefs.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Pro. Carlos M. Duterte, Professor in Marine Science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUS, to speak about securing a future for the world’s coral reefs at the G20 International Media Center during the Saudi G20 Presidency’s Summit Week Conducted a media briefing. Riyadh.

Professor Duterte as the head highlighted the need for international cooperation, as no nation has the ability to reverse the threat to coral reefs alone.

Professor Duterte, What was said:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Committed to the protection of coral reefs and to learn from the resistance of coral reefs in the Red Sea to be able to share the lessons we have learned with the rest of the world, but we cannot do this alone

“We need a global partnership to accelerate our rapid progress to conserve coral reefs and ensure that our children and grandchildren continue to enjoy healthy reefs in the Red Sea and elsewhere.

“So the ambition of the Saudi G20 presidency is not only to preserve the reefs that we have, but to actually increase the extent of coral reefs globally by possibly ten percent”

More information about the Saudi G20 Presidency, details of the leaders’ summit, and the schedule for the upcoming G20 media briefing and roundtable can be Found here.

There may be a link to register for exclusive G20 Riyadh peak content on a dedicated microsite Found here.

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