Gaitham Telugu Movie Review – A thrilling drama, in parts, with amateurs

Bifurcated rating2.5/ 5

Ground level: A thrilling drama, in parts, with emitters

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Forum: Adventuress Style: Thriller, drama

who is the story about?

Rishi (Rakesh Galbahe), recovering from an accident, walks out of the hospital to meet his father along with his wife Adithi (Pooja Kuraparthi). On the way, their car breaks down, and they have to take shelter in an unknown location.

Rishi and Aditi are seen doing strange things one after the other. This surprised them. What will happen next? Who is the stranger who sheltered them and how does it all end Gatham About everything?


Bhargava Poludasu played the lead role in the film. The character is on the lines of the older heroes of Hollywood action Thriller, Really like the whole movie. He fits into the role and tries his best to honestly give the best he can.

Gatham Telugu Movie 2020 Review

Unfortunately, Bhargava Poludasu is not a natural fit, and it shows. The story gives tremendous scope to make his character a great performance and memorable. For example, the entire opening arc would have been exceptional under a competent actor. Similarly, other layers linking it as the narrative progresses show the weak links of Bhargava.

As far as effort is concerned, Bhargava has given his hundred percent, and it is praiseworthy. He is actually invested in part and enacts it to the best of his ability.


Kiran has written and directed Gatham. It belongs to the thriller genre, and the director drew heavily from Hollywood flicks of equal space to narrate. This is not necessarily a bad idea and works well for the film.

From the very beginning, Gatham remains a liar. Many things happen within the first five minutes. The editing seems a bit clumsy, but we have a good idea why it is done so soon.

The story also begins immediately without wasting much time from the hospital itself. A curiosity to find out what happens next, although some may pursue it. The good thing is that it is left without much time.

The film has a slow pace. The actors make it dull with lack of ‘acting’ skills. The timing of dialogues or responses are clear signs in that regard. They look at the task amateurishly and fall behind in the proceedings, despite everyone being involved in it. And yet, one is connected to the narrative. The reason for this is the story and screenplays that regularly throw one or two turns at us.

Gatham Telugu Movie 2020 Review

Some twists can be predictable, but they come up quickly. It continues the engagement factor as a curiosity to continue. The main storyline is on routine lines, but once again it has thrills where Gatham scores. The argument goes for the toss at times, but the interest factor dominates the proceedings. The director does not disappoint on that score because something keeps coming up.

The climax is a bit drawn, especially the ongoing gun battles in the jungle. But, this leads to a well-rounded end. It feels that if the director and his team went for the second draft and tightened the raw edges, Gatham might have been thrilled as well.

Altogether, Gatham There is a fantastic plot. Prophecy, or otherwise keep coming. They engage the audience despite poor acting and writing. If you look at the effort made by the small team, it can be given a pass. If you like the genre, try Gatham with an open mind.

Other artists?

If one closes their eyes and is only listening to the audio of the film, and they have no clue about the cast, it is certain to think that Vijay Devarakonda is part of the film. Rakesh Galebh’s voice is unnaturally similar to a star. Telangana pronunciation is partly the reason, but not all are the same with ‘accent’, do they? Rakesh has done well as an actor. In fact, he may be the closest to a commercial cinema performance we can see in Gatham.

The roles of the rest of the cast including Poojita Kuruparthy are limited. They help advance the narrative but do not stand up for their work. The casting for individual parts is decent, though decent.

Gatham Telugu Movie 2020 Review

Music and other departments?

Sricharan Pakala’s background score is excellent. This helps maintain momentum at critical junctions. Cinematography is fantastic in parts – long shots and icy locations. However, it fails to get a cinematic look during critical interactions and dramatic moments. Editing could have been more sophisticated. The writing could have been better the way it is with the actors on board. However a set of better performers could elevate the same thing.

Gatham Telugu Movie 2020 Review



The script


Background score


The beginning of the beginning

Predictive in parts

The editing

Did i enjoy it

Yes in parts

Would you recommend it?

Yes with reservation

Gatham Movie Review by Binged Bureau

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