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Ground level: A Little Darker and Routine, But a Feel-Good Drama Nonnight

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who is the story about?

Gullak-2-ReviewSeason two Gullak There is another set of events occurring in the Mishra family, which symbolize middle-class Indian families. Each episode shows a different yet identifiable problem. They are bound with tissue of emotion and drama.

The series is plotted individually and as a family, with each member growing and coming of age.


Jamil Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta and Harsh Meyer reprized their roles as members of the Mishra family. It is a small middle class family based in an inner India.

They all continue from where they left in the first season. The second season focuses more on Vaibhav Raj Gupta than the others. It is not that he is seated in the back seat, but when viewed as a whole, it is Vaibhav’s character arc that forms the main dramatic tension of season two.

Gullak-2-ReviewVaibhav has done a terrific job expressing his feelings of growing up as a teenager facing real-world issues. The graph he receives is a cinematic one. Usually, what we see here is the take off of your angry young man. It is as if a kind of prequel. One can see how important Vaibhav’s act is to the whole story. All his scenes with various family members stand out, especially with brother and father.

Jamil Khan and Gitanjali live in Kulkarni parts. The former has lots of subtle moments and expresses minute emotions. Zero overlap. The latter is the exact opposite happening in the hyper zone. However, the combination makes the whole thing realistic and grounded.

Harsh Maier’s share is an improvement from the first season. It seems similar for a large part, but the change is surprisingly painted towards the end. The role of Sunita Rajwar is immediately recognizable, but she is bent. The rest are enough in their limited appearances.


Gullak-2-ReviewPalash Vaswani directs the second season of Gullak. As before, the challenge here is to get out of the best, emotionally, predictable and recognizable moments without being cliched and exhausted. Palash is mostly successful, but there is a distinct change in the mood of the entire season, which makes it feel different even though the face is set similarly.

The second season has five episodes. The opening takes us straight into the world of Gullac without wasting time. It is slow but seems intentional to get things hanging. More importantly, it is not mandatory to watch the first season to enjoy the second. It only helps to understand it better, critically, and that’s it.

Each episode focuses on a different event in the lives of family individuals. However, there is an undercurrent emotion that follows behind tying it together. There is a visible change in tone, and we feel it in the middle of the first episode.

The main event of the individual episodes in the second season takes a dark turn. While the overall experience eventually turns into positivity, the extent of the dark and the drama attached to it is comparatively greater than in the first season.

Gullak-2-ReviewTake the example of an alcoholic father in the first season and the issue of marriage in the second. The former could have been made more dramatic, but it takes a positive domestic turn. However, here it is shown as a lost cause. This is a black chapter because relationships are inherent to being permanently tense.

Other topics are similar, focusing on corruption, marriage, health, ego and career. They all achieve highly charged unstable motion at one point or another. The end of Vaibhav’s track, for example, is straight out of a spice career.

Nevertheless, they are neatly inclined to the expected sweet and happy ending of The Viral Fever (TVF) productions. The narrative feels a bit of a mess, but it’s okay because the actors are up for it. Free flowing writing helps us along the coast.

Overall, Gulak Season 2 is slightly darker, louder and predictable than before. Nevertheless, the characters make it an attractive watch. If you want a slice of life drama with a good factor.

Music and other departments?

Gullak-2-ReviewAnurag Saikia provides music and background scores. It is minimal and easily mixes into the narrative. Anand Bansal’s cinematography keeps the whole thing grounded and real. Edited by Gaurav Gopal Jha Nothing is clean without being fancy. Durgesh Singh’s writing is an important asset to the entire series.




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