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10 Games Like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board

Games Like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board

Games Like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board is an online social free to play horror game that involves 2 or more players trying to start a “ceremony” which will curse the other players if they get it wrong. It becomes progressively difficult as players die and new ones need to be added. Prompting players to find ways of contacting the dead in order to avoid their fate.

The game has gone on to become a popular multiplayer title and is played both with friends and online strangers alike. Which has lead people to wonder if there are any similar titles worth checking out? Well look no further: here is our list of 10 games like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board.

1. TagPro

The first multiplayer PvP game on our list is TagPro, an online capture the flag type of game where players compete to simply take their opponents flag and bring if back to their own base. The flags are represented by round objects and the bases as circular areas. Like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board players can win or lose depending on whether they complete their objective before getting caught.

Players control their character with the mouse and one of three buttons: left click to pick up items, right click to roll (move) and hold to use the flag.

TagPro features little in the way of graphics, instead opting for a simple textured look that is easy on the eyes, but not exactly mind blowing. The game does feature extensive user generated content called maps that allow for player created gauntlets and challenges to be played which can vary widely, adding longevity. TagPro is a browser based title and does not cost anything to play.

2. Dead Maze

Probably the least like Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board of our list, but still worth checking out as it has some interesting features that make it worth a look. Dead Maze is an online co-operative multiplayer game set in the zombie apocalypse that tasks players with scavenging for supplies in order to survive.

Dead Maze features 3D graphics, unlike many on this list and sees you control your character through WASD movement, while looking around with mouse or arrow keys. Firing can be done with the left mouse button and other actions such as climbing, opening doors and so on are completed by pressing the corresponding key.

Dead Maze does feature a leveling system that is only present in co-operative mode and awards players XP for successfully completing missions and helping others to survive. The game has regular events taking place that reward those who participate and the developers also offer near constant updates that add new features, items and events by request of players.

3. Last Man Standing (LMS)

Lets start off this entry with saying that there is a non-free version available which offers more content than the free one we are discussing here. That said it should still provide you with plenty of fun before you decide to upgrade. Last Man Standing is an online multiplayer game that has players fighting on small islands by themselves or with up to 3 others against an opposing team for domination of the map.

Players begin outside their teams starting area until enough points are earned by killing enemies, capturing buildings and other actions to level up which allows them to go to the next area. This means players are always pushed towards conflict, forcing them to direct their attention where it is needed most.

Combat in this game is fast paced and rewards timing of your attacks over simply spamming left clicks with high damage weapons so you need to use caution when engaging an enemy. Players have access to a number of different weapons and items that they can use to their advantage and these change depending on the stage. Last Man Standing features a good level of graphics as well as animations to support the combat, making it one worth checking out if you enjoy PvP battles.

4. Morphite

Morphite is an action adventure title where players take control of Myrah Kale, a young female lead. In this role players explore distant planets and upgrade their gear by finding blueprints and new items to add to their own home base. Morphite sees you use a variety of upgradable weapons in order to gain the advantage over any enemies that come your way as well as interacting with NPCs who will provide you with side quests and one off missions to progress the story.

Morphite features a 3D graphics engine that looks good at this resolution and supports a variety of different cameras that can be switched between with ease or even removed if preferred. The game does require online access at all times as it makes use of procedural generation for its levels and the story is affected by decisions you make within it.

5. Destiny 2

Our final entry on this list and arguably one of the most popular free online games out there, is of course Destiny 2 if only because we didn’t want to leave fans disappointed. We did mention it in our article on ps4 games and would like to say that it runs very well on PC and has been optimized for this platform.

Destiny 2 is a MMO FPS that sees you fighting various aliens as part of an ever expanding universe that many games within the franchise share. You can play by yourself or with friends online, taking on story missions and multiplayer ones alike in order to gain better equipment and experience. As of the time of writing, the game has recently released its second expansion called Warmind which is available to all players for free.

6. Midair

Midair is a fast-paced FPS where you can play with others either in teams or simply against each other. The game features jetpacks which are crucial for your mobility allowing you to unleash powerful attacks or escape from a difficult situation you find yourself in. Maps are available across all modes and they range from rural to sci fi, each with their own set of weapons and vehicles for players to use.

Midair features Steam Workshop which allows the community to create new content for players while modding tools are also provided by the developers which you can see on their store page here. The game does require Steam to run but if you are an avid FPS player this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you.

7. Ballistic Overkill

Ballistic Overkill is a free shooter similar to Quake 3 Arena where players battle it out against each other in teams or individually in the classic death match style. The game features an online campaign that is separate from its multiplayer ones and this is something you don’t often see which is always a nice touch. Ballistic Overkill has clean, modern graphics so it runs very well even on older PC’s while the gameplay itself takes elements of Counter Strike to put together an enjoyable team based FPS.

8. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Our first and only card game on this list is The Elder Scrolls: Legends and it features a story filled campaign along with plenty of PvP options to keep you occupied indefinitely. As the name suggests, the game pays homage to Bethesda’s popular franchise but also brings enough unique elements to make it stand out as one of the best free online games. The game sees you use deck building to overcome your opponents with powerful cards and abilities, essentially meaning this is a hybrid between a card game and an RPG.

9. Unturned

Unturned is another zombie survival game like H1Z1 but with less players online at any one time which makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The game is an early access one and there are still improvements to be made but it has managed to gain cult status over the years and offers plenty of content for players to explore and enjoy including multiplayer options like PVP and coop.

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10. Arma 3

Our final entry on this list is Arma 3 which is one of the most realistic military shooters in existence. The game takes place over large open worlds where players are tasked with completing sophisticated missions against A.I or in multiplayer coop or PVP modes.

Arma 3 requires patience and careful planning when playing with other people if you wish to survive but it can be heaps of fun when you manage to get things right. The game is very demanding on your computer hardware so make sure you have a high end machine before attempting to play the game, especially if you want to run it at maximum settings.

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