10 Best Games Like Sea Of Thieves

Games like sea of thieves

Games Like Sea of Thieves lets you live the pirate fantasy through treasure hunting, PvP, and ship sailing, but there are many other games to enjoy in the same genre.

The recently released Sea of Thieves was received with mixed feelings. The game has countless players dreaming of pirate adventures, but there are also many who were disappointed by the lack of endgame content and repetitive gameplay. Fortunately, there are several other games that have much more to offer for those looking for a similar experience. So without any further ado, here are 10 games like Sea of Thieves.

1. Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is the game that most closely resembles Sea of Thieves in terms of gameplay mechanics. The game features a mix between MMO and FPS elements where groups of players form squads to loot containers or complete mission objectives in a dark post-apocalyptic setting.

The game is currently in beta, but since the developers are very communicative with its playerbase, you can easily find out what is coming next or how to play certain aspects of the game.

2. Black Desert Online (BDO)

Black Desert Online is the most famous MMORPG on this list. The game features an open world where players can choose their own roles depending on what they want to achieve. BDO offers a vast amount of content to enjoy, which you can find out about here .

BDO’s map is split into several regions that are all unique in both visuals and gameplay. This means that you will need to change regions if you want a different experience, which is where the game’s fast-travel mechanics come in handy. If you’ve played other open world games like Skyrim or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then the combat style might seem familiar as well, as it works with similar mechanics.

Players can choose from a variety of classes that each have their own combat style and role. For instance, you can be a Dark Knight who uses a two-handed axe to crush enemies, or a Ranger who specializes in archery. In short, if you enjoy MMOs with vast RPG elements and action gameplay, then Black Desert Online is the game for you.

3. Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is more of an arcade racing game than it is a simulation, but that doesn’t mean that its vehicles aren’t realistic enough to enjoy living the pirate fantasy. The game features several different types of racing, such as street races and offroad trails, and you can even create your own events through Horizon’s online community feature.

Forza Horizon 3 has a vast number of vehicles to choose from that all look like they came straight out of the Caribbean. However, there are also many other cars that you can use to enjoy the game, which includes several “fantasy” vehicles that are found in previous installments.

4. Mad Max

Mad Max is a sandbox adventure that closely resembles Sea of Thieves in its gameplay mechanics. Players have access to a vast world where they can explore and complete missions in any order they like. However, the game is also played from an open-world perspective similar to the Just Cause series and Grand Theft Auto V, which means that players can attack enemy camps with a variety of weapons and vehicles.

Mad Max takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where players assume the role of a drifter who is trying to survive in the Wasteland. The game’s setting offers players many different possibilities when it comes to completing missions, which encourages you to play how you want to play.

5. Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person open world zombie survival game that has a lot of similarities with games like DayZ. Players are free to explore the game’s large map (which is filled with locations that can be explored on foot or by using vehicles) and do whatever it takes to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies.

Dying Light has several RPG elements where players can level up their character and learn new skills. As players level up, they will also gain new weapons and items that can be used to their advantage in order to survive. The game also has a Parkour-style movement system that allows players to climb buildings and jump across large gaps.

6. Cuphead

Cuphead is a 2D platforming and run and gun game that features gameplay similar to games like Mega Man and Contra. The game has very challenging boss fights where you must learn their patterns in order to defeat them, as well as classic 2D platforming areas that offer pixelated graphics influenced by 1930’s cartoons.

Cuphead relies heavily on boss fights that take place in unique settings, with each fight being more difficult than the last. Players must use their skills to learn the bosses’ patterns and avoid their attacks. If you enjoy games with exciting boss fights, then Cuphead might be right up your alley.

7. Mad Max (2015)

Mad Max is a vehicle action game that takes place in a desert setting. Players assume the role of Mad Max and must survive against dangerous gangs of bandits during his journey to build the ultimate car.

The open world setting of Mad Max gives players many different ways of approaching missions and completing objectives across its vast map. In order to survive, players must scavenge for supplies and acquire new weapons while exploring the game’s different territories.

8. Carmagedon 3

Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000 is an over-the-top vehicle destruction game that was released in 2000. The game has many similarities with games like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8.

Carmageddon 3 has several game modes that can be played in singleplayer, including racing, time trials, and mission-based events. Players must earn victory points during these matches in order to advance to the next level. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Carmageddon 3 focuses more on vehicle destruction rather than racing, which gives the game a fun and chaotic feel.

9. Crackdown 1 & 2

Crackdown is an open-world sandbox game that features gameplay similar to games like Just Cause and Grand Theft Auto V. Players assume the role of Agent as he tries to stop a criminal group from taking over the city.

The open world map of Crackdown gives players many different ways of completing objectives and gaining access to new areas. In order to advance through the game, players must complete missions and engage in large-scale battles with powerful enemies that have their own weapons and vehicles.

10. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is an open-world action game that focuses on over-the-top gameplay and humor. Players assume the role of a member of the 3rd Street Saints gang as they try to take control of the city from rival gangs such as the Russian Mafia and Los Carnales.

In order to complete objectives and advance through the game, players must complete story missions as well as optional activities such as gang hideouts, races, store robberies, and assassination missions. The game has a fun sandbox feel with an open world map full of different vehicles (including boats), weapons, and clothing items to purchase.

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