Gautam Teaches Family’s Importance To Rishita

Pandya Store Written Update 4th May 2021 Today's Episode: Gautam Teaches Family's Importance To Rishita

The recent episode of Pandya store begins where Dev says to Rishita that she should help Dhara but she refuses to help her, and Gautam tries to maintain the circumstances by saying that Rishita will help them to set the bonfire. Meanwhile, Shiva comes there with his new attire and makes everyone astonish because no one expected it from him. He is looking dapper, then Raavi says that does she add spice into the dish and Dhara replies that Shiva does not like this so there is no need to add it.

Then Raavi says ut without spice it can be tasteless and after hearing this Shiva gets angry and puts the entire spice into it and rebukes Raavi as well. Meanwhile, Dhara also scolds Shiva for his behavior and he goes from them, and Dhara says that they should set Shiva instead of bonfire because he always is in anger. At the same time, Dev passes a comment for him but he does not like that at all and starts an argument. Then Gautam makes them separate so that they can not fight with each other.

After that, Krish comes there and plays music so that, the atmosphere can be changed and Gautam gives some wood to Dev and says that bring it after breaking. Because they have to set it both girls try to break the wood but they can not break this, then he says that if they live together so no one can make them break. Then Rishita reveals her feelings that she wanted to spend some quality time with him, hence they did lunch together at the noon.

Then Rishita says that nothing is wrong if she ate food with him, and Gautam consoles her that she is right but their family is too long. Through which they live together because if everyone will do their work separate so it does not call family. Then he says that when all members together and eat food, so they can share their problem with the family to get a solution for that. So from today, they are expecting that she will understand the feelings of them.

Then Shiva tries to eat food and Raavi tries to stop by saying that it’s too hot and spicy but he does not listen to her at all. After having a food bite he shouts that it’s too spicy and Rishita laughs, and Dhara says that Rishita is looking nice while smiling. Then Krish plays the music and all couples start dancing meanwhile Gautam recalls about his shop. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 07:30 Pm and for further information stay connected with us.

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