Ghost of the past.. Will Manchester United spoil Cristiano Ronaldo’s start with victory?

The date of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first appearance with his new club, Al-Nasr, is still controversial, amid legal experts disagreeing about his position.

This comes in light of the imposition of the suspension penalty on Cristiano Ronaldo By the English Football Association, when he was a player in the ranks of Manchester United, against the backdrop of smashing a fan’s phone, after the defeat against Everton last season.

The 37-year-old did not meet the penalty because it was issued during his participation with the Portugal national team in the 2022 World Cup, noting that he terminated his contract with United last November, before moving to Al-Nasr in a free deal.

The date of the first appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo with victory

And press reports revealed earlier that Al-Nasr match against Al-Taie in Saudi Professional League The “Roshen League”, scheduled for next Thursday, will witness the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo with his new club, which was also indicated by the reliable Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

However, sources at Al-Nasr Club described to Al-Riyadiah newspaper the date of Ronaldo’s first appearance with Al-Nasr as “mysterious”, adding that the administration needs Cristiano’s international card to arrive first, before deciding whether or not he can participate in matches directly.

The sources added that the Al-Nasr administration will not be able to determine the legality of Ronaldo’s participation in the matches, or the necessity of waiting to serve that penalty, except after requesting and arriving at the international card.

According to the sources, the administration is waiting for Ronaldo to come to Riyadh and pass the medical examination first, before requesting a card that will indicate whether the officials of his former club Manchester United linked the penalty to the international transfer system TMS or not, and accordingly his position will be determined.

Cristiano Ronaldo

What is the legality of Cristiano Ronaldo’s participation with Al-Nassr?

Al-Riyadh used the opinions of legal experts to explain Cristiano Ronaldo’s position on the penalty, but they differed about the possibility of the player’s participation directly, as some asserted that it was impossible for him to participate and others on the contrary.

Egyptian Mohamed Bayoumi, an expert in international regulations and laws, said: “Ronaldo will not be able to participate with his new team because the punishment imposed by the FA on the player follows him wherever he goes, even if he moves to another club in a new role, and this is what the regulations stipulate.”

While he disagreed with Bayoumi, his compatriot Nasr Azzam, a member of the International Federation of Football Lawyers, as he confirmed Ronaldo’s eligibility to participate because FIFA does not transfer sanctions from one country to another, unless the player commits a serious mistake, which was not initiated by Ronaldo.

As for the Tunisians, Ali Abbas and Anis Ben Mim, they agreed that the international transfer card is the decisive point in whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo participates with Al-Nasr, and it is subject to the disciplinary reports submitted by the English Federation.

Thus, without this suspension, Al-Taie’s match will be Ronaldo’s first match with Al-Nasr, but if his suspension is confirmed, his actual start with his new team will be postponed to the Al-Ettifaq match on January 21.

Victory matches in January

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