Given the love for ‘Ludo’, the possibility of ‘snakes and ladders’ as potential snakes?

NetflixThe recently released Ludo was one of the most anticipated films of 2020 from Bollywood due to various factors. With the power-packed Starcast proud of the film or director Anurag Basu, there were many reasons to be excited about the film. And now that the film has been released, the audience is very happy that their enthusiasm was worth watching.

Ludo is an anthology-style film that follows 4 stories of different characters and each character’s actions affect the outcome of the other. The film is completely appropriate as it is titled ‘Ludo’ like the game, the film had four stories in Ludo like characters of four colors and unknown about each other’s action, they all collide in the finale while traveling. The mediums collide with each other for the finale.

Anurag Basu said the other day that Ludo could get the sequel, and given the successful experiment with Ludo, it has once again got the audience excited. Although there is no information about the sequel, will it be like Ludo or not. But if you look at Ludo’s practice, then it is better to leave the film alone.

And if the makers are planning a sequel then it should be inspired by some other game and if anything comes to mind after Ludo, then Snakes and Ladders.

This would be the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to create a brilliant idea of ​​a game like snakes and ladders. Enough characters like tokens fighting each other to reach a common goal, going through a lot of obstacles in their path.

Just as some characters in the game may get lucky and climb the “ladder”, some may block their way due to “snakes”. One thing is guaranteed and that is fun and entertainment.

While we are still speculating as to what the idea behind Ludo 2 should be, there has been no confirmation about the plot.

Until then, ‘Ludo’ is streaming on Netflix!

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