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The performance and glamorous look are not mutually exclusive, but some of our filmmakers believe that looking weird or non-stylish means performance. This is a discussion for another day and let’s see how many of our usually glamorous actresses performed brilliantly in our non-glam look. It’s like a wave when many actresses go de-glam for non-traditional roles in a single season. It looks like the season has arrived and some of the stunning beauties here have shed the makeup as ‘demanded’ by the roles.

Kirti Suresh made a good impression in the film circles with her magnum opus performance, but she is slowly losing her following due to bad choices and adaptations of films. While her penguins and Miss India disappoint her, her bumpy and junky look is impressive for Sayani Kayadham. Let us see if their effort towards change is the best use for Sani Katidham. For Rang De and Sarkaru Var Pata, she is clearly back to looking beautiful.

Payal Rajput changed all eyes with his bold yet gray role in the RX100, but the subsequent films could not sustain that sensation. It looks like she played a role with substance this time and went for a day-glam look in Angnaga O Athidhi. Payal Rajput seems to have worked well as a village belle in crime drama with greed, lust and desire. Payal plays Mallika and we have to see how well her character was written and how she plays it!

Rakul Preet as usual has done quite good roles to the contrary. We know the roles of her usual sweetheart girl, but she fooled an idiot for a political analyst for NGK for Spider, and this time, it’s a village belle for the film Krrish – Vaishnav Tej. Rakul has done something similar in Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam, but we see if it is very different from this.

Rashi Khanna calls it a reinvestment and he loves it all the way. Rashi Khanna never went for D-glam or the village’s belle look, but she did it for a photoshoot. Rashi Khanna all looked the same beautiful but different, while she says she is walking outside her comfort zone. True, we want to see the role of a half-length sari in this look, minimal makeup, flowers in her hair.

Samantha Akkineni is known for excellence in any role. There was taboo among the audience as to how she does this when Ram Charan is no longer herself and we can all see Chittaibu. But Samantha was equally praised for her performance and more for the form and manner of her ideal village belle. It is heard that Samantha again plays a D-Glam role for The Family Man Season 2.

Taapsee was choosing performance-based roles and for one of them, she got a major facelift for Bull’s Eye. Taopesse played Prakashi Tomar for the film based on this biography, where he was to appear at the age of 60. She went into a completely non-glam look and her prosthetic makeup took 3 hours. This is one of those rare roles and we will have to see if Taapsee is willing to do something like that again.

Heba Patel Kumari has become a sensation with her bold role in several films in 21F and beyond. Few people know that he played the role of an innocent village in his first film Alha Ila. Heba is seen doing it again for her Odela Railway Station film and she sees herself as a simple sari. Hebha performed several times in her glam doll roles in a very hot style, but the new natural look is being seen as a great performance.

Aishwarya Rajesh is a Telugu girl to get fame with Tamil films. Aishwarya has often gone for performance-based roles and in many of them, she had to look natural and de-glam. The actress did not hesitate to debut in Telugu with an unfamiliar role of Kaafal Krishnamurthy. She later caught the eyes of Telugu viewers with her innocent housewife Roopa, again in an unstable man, world famous lover.

The multifaceted and handsome Andrea Jeremiah mesmerized all of us with her stunning adventure performance in Taramani and then Andrea slipped as an ordinary girl next door for the gangster trilogy Wada Chennai. Although she plays the role of a cop in her next film Maaligai, a wildlife photographer in a thriller film Kaa, she will always be ready for a natural look for a well-written character.

Sanjana Galrani shocked everyone with her precarious presence and gruesome killer role in the recent two portions of the Dandupalayam franchise. Sanjana’s Dandupalyam performance impressed so many filmmakers that she was later offered more non-sophisticated roles.

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