Global Educators and Leaders Call to Discuss India’s Newest Career Summit – New Age Careers in Tech

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India’s largest career summit is being almost launched by CareerGuide, with webinars introducing new events and mass celebrations. Titled mega event Career Summit Live Brings in a 3-day extravaganza filled with guidance, and 27, filled with opportunities for youth starting November 29, 2020.

“What’s next” is one of the most common questions for students and professionals. The uncertainty of the future coupled with social pressures leads to the decision to take on a tedious task. Careerguide avoids beating around Bush with a pinnacle full of subjects directly on a broader agenda around the changing nature of careers. It includes panel discussions, individual keynotes, university showcase and a virtual award ceremony.

“Will I make the university of my dreams looking at my current grade?”, “Is funding wise for post graduation?”, “Does the epidemic require me to make a career shift?” – These are trivial questions for counselors to handle. Indian youth have a million questions to ask about careers; Some people answer them extensively for free. The objective of the summit in 3 days is to use digital platforms to provide acclaimed speakers and respected guests a part of their knowledge and provide guidance to the participants at no charge.

The event is expected to deliver an unprecedented experience with a myriad of acclaimed speakers. The Career Summit brings a lot to the live table, taking lots of lessons from teachers, rewarded counselors, professors and specialist officers in their fields. Considering a number of important topics and working towards finding solutions to some commonly discovered terms, does national education policy — trending as a game-changer, function around vivid headlines? Rising Costs Between E-Education, and Life Skills Vs. Turning to academic skills, offbeat careers, passion for businesses and what tomorrow has to offer.

The talks also cover topics revolving around new age careers and are the only way to survive digitally / remotely, plus many more. The gathering does not just raise questions but throws out endless possibilities and opportunities to work with candidates.

To experience a career summit of such importance, one also has to pay for the perks he offers. Speakers include Sabeer bhatia, The whimsical Indian-American businessman, is credited with bringing email into widespread use with the launch of the first free web-based mailing service – Hotmail; Jeff window, Serial entrepreneur and founder of Everboel; Sai Chahal is the founder of a trailblazer and memorial for women; Arjun mohan, Former chief business officer of CEO India upGrad and Byju’s; Balaji vishwanathan The world’s most followed person on Quora. The summit includes live talks with accredited personnel from the EdTech and Counseling space Sandeep marwah (Marwah Studio); Atul Khosla (Founder, Shulini University), Surabhi Dewra (CEO CareerGuide) Jitin Chawla (Career counselor), Pranav Bhatia (Founder Stirring Minds), Dr. Manish Mishra (SANKALP, Ministry of Skills and Development) Shobha Mishra Ghosh (Assistant General Secretary, FICCI) and 90 others!

  • Career Summit Live is a free for all event (summit.careerguide.com)
  • Q&A sessions include virtual quizzes.
  • Invites a specialized community to a network of employers offering internships and job opportunities for a diverse set of career options.
  • Recorded Video Sessions Provided
  • Provide a participation certificate after the event.

“As the consequences of the epidemic and the uncertainty between institutions and workplaces had increased the level of stress among the youth, we wanted to provide a morale booster and appropriate guidance … and from there we had to find Infankainer, Passionpointers Leaders, government officials and counselors all meet. On a single screen, “says CEO Surabhi Dewar, under whose expert direction CareerGuide helps students overcome their doubts and achieve a firm path. India’s premier career counseling platform, it is helping nurture young minds and has conducted 100,000+ comprehensive psychometric tests, helping to address issues of 3.5 million members. He has a strong community of counselors, distinguished university alumni and serial entrepreneurs with a passion for helping him achieve his dreams with the same pomp.

Career Summit Live: careerguide.com

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