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Mumbai, India, 6 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – Godrej Locks, A brand synonymous with trust, quality and safety, 15 will be celebrated annually as Home Safety DayTh November As a prelude to the occasion, the brand has planned week-long activities aimed at raising awareness and adopting home security. Godrej Locks Encouraging citizens to be proactive and protecting against threats such as robbery, theft, theft and to upgrade the security of their main gate with the necessary security force locks. Also marks home security day 2nd Anniversary of ‘Every Home Security’, a nationwide public awareness campaign Godrej Locks To make citizens aware of home security.

According to a report by Research Now, while 70% has been stolen India Home burglaries occur, with 64% of citizens feeling that they are not equipped to deal with the danger to their homes. The current epidemic has increased our security concerns even more. With the alarming increase in unemployment beginning with COVID-19, it is feared that many people will be resorting to criminal activities to make ends meet. This can be a spike in robbery and theft. Therefore, there is an urgent need to urge people to be aware of the security of the house.

Beginning next week, Godrej Locks Will conduct a series of conversations on social media with domain experts from various fields such as crime, legal, forensics, etc., who will share their perspectives and be a part of this movement to protect Indian homes. The discussion will focus on understanding the criminals, motives and psychology of people in which people can protect themselves and their loved ones. Godrej Locks Has launched a research with police personnel in 12 cities and the findings will be released before Home Security Day.

Commenting on the activities planned for Home Safety Day and the week, Shyam motwani, Executive vice president and business head Godrej Locks, “Home Safety, as a subject, is very rarely discussed IndiaHowever, 64% of Indians are not equipped to deal with security threats at their homes. There has been an alarming 10% increase in the rate of robbery, theft and theft in Indian homes and we as citizens have failed to adopt basic security measures. As a flagship brand, synonymous with security, Godrej Locks Every year Home Safety Day is observed, which aims to promote home safety awareness and adoption through deliberations and deliberations with the entire board. ”

He added, “We are very happy to say that it marks Home Security Day 2.nd Anniversary of ‘Every Home Security’, our initiative was launched in 2018 with the aim of addressing the country’s domestic security concerns. As a brand, we have always been at the forefront of creating awareness about home security and we will continue to do so in the future as well. “

Home robbery, theft and theft is a serious concern for the public as well as the authorities. Recognizing this issue, Godrej Locks Home Safety Day was celebrated in 2017 to make citizens aware of home security.

In November 2019, as a part of ‘Every Home Security’, the company unveiled the Home Safety Assessment Program for free, through which citizens can measure the security strength of their homes. Godrej Locks Safety assessment of over 9950 homes so far. The request from households for their home security assessment is seeing an increase on a monthly basis. This unique offering allowed citizens to detect safety standards and take precautionary measures to remove any gaps in home security.

about Godrej Locks

Godrej Locks Is a 123-year-old leading manufacturer of innovative locking devices. Since its inception in 1897 Ardeshir GodrejThe name ‘Godrej’ is synonymous with trust, protection and integrity. From the first anchor branded lock in 1 to 4 or the first spring cum lock in 190 to the iconic ‘Nav-Taal’ in 1958, and the post-modern biometric lock, Godrej locks every benchmark in the industry. Is established in over the past few years, Godrej Locks And architectural hardware and fittings have changed in scope of form, function and application. But one thing still remains – a solid stamp of trust and credibility. Godrej Locks Adhere to global quality norms and hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

With many countries around the world accessing their locks over time, the brand has come a long way in providing world-class smart locking solutions, so in the very perception of locking devices from a mere functionality at an entry and exit point Revolutionary change has come. , To take a moment in the importance of how far they have come, in a proud pause at the door. For more information, please log on www.godrejlocks.com

Godrej Locks Is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

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