Good news: Education department released Rs 814 crore for the salary of 66 thousand government teachers of Bihar

The Education Department of the Government of Bihar has sanctioned Rs 3917 crore 39 lakh 51 thousand 100 for the cost of the salary of 9 thousand 108 teachers and it has been ordered to start this quantity. With this volume, these teachers will likely be paid salaries in the monetary year 2020-21.

Of the 66,104 teachers working in the state’s main and center colleges, the amount has been given for the salary, cost of city primary teachers, block teachers and panchayat teachers. Of the total 3.23 lakh employed teachers in the state, 66, 104 metropolitan, block and panchayat teachers are those who have been appointed to the sanctioned posts below the state government. Their salaries can also be paid from the state government fund, while the exemptions of employed teachers are paid from the head of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

For the cost of salaries for these teachers in the current monetary year, the government created funds of 23 billion 26 crore 84 lakh 18 thousand rupees. Out of this, two installments have already been given. 814 crores has now been given as the final installment.

The education department has instructed all district education officers that the allocation of legally employed and practical teachers will be paid for the monetary year 2020-21, making the quantum of salary of 66 thousand 104 teachers. The special person fee for the cost will likely be with the DEO involved. At the same time, all DPO institutions have been instructed to withdraw funds from the treasury of the district through CFMS. Prior receipt will probably be taken from planning items. The salary cost of employed teachers will probably be met through the nodal financial institution in view of departmental instruction.

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