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Ever since Kovid 19 has been brought to the world, there have been a few definite relationships in terms of applications that make us spend our time effortlessly. Whether it is a gaming app, cooking app, fitness app, etc., people have been restricted to their homes and have followed the lockdown rules. The main point of concern was that the lives of offices and students were affected by a critical strike which had to be stopped reluctantly in terms of their own safety. However, there are some meeting apps available, which make it very convenient for students to participate in online versions and executives to work from home.

Google Meet is an app that has been very helpful in this period. To run life less broadly. Google Meetings provides users to take online classes and even helps solve the problem of going to office in this epidemic. In this article, we will look at the features we get from Google and we can use it more effectively so that it can be more useful to us. In addition, a download link is provided so that you can download this app directly to your device and use it accordingly.

Why should we use?

Google Meet Online provides an opportunity for both official and informal meetings. Its simple user interface makes it more popular and convenient for anyone. Google Meet can be called one of the best apps that can manage to pick and hold your meetings in the best possible way. It has been a very reliable source and is safe to use. Data is not leaked and privacy is a major concern for the publisher. The Google Meet official app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and can also be downloaded from third-party links from various websites in case the device is not supported.

Important features of GOOGLE MEET:

Like other Google applications, Google Meet is now an important application. The Google company handles this as other apps, such as Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Music Play, etc., so one should not worry about their personal data and information because Google is responsible for any inconvenience that ever will be good. Here are some amazing and unique features of Google Meet:


Now 250 members can add this app at the same time without any device lagging. These members can be invited to any official or informal meetings. Even if someone plans to take the conference, one can undoubtedly move forward.

Sharing Options:

Some teachers and officials or even conference holders may enjoy these options who wish to share their slides, PPTs, or any other documents.

Record for letter:

Yes, even the presenter can record all his presentation for later. Students can now record their lectures or, if one wishes to note the contents and events of any meeting due to the absence of that time, may note later according to their convenient time and duration.

Meat with safety:

The only requirement for the meeting is the availability of this app on your device and the official Google account you wish to use during this meeting. Someone who has more than one account on their device will always have the option to select from those before starting a meeting. Apart from Sangat in the meeting, nobody would know anything about this meeting. This means that the data is at its full security. Confidentiality between the claimants of the meeting will be enlightened. Therefore, security and privacy is an important factor provided by this application.

Easy User Interface:

There are some applications available that provide such properties but they lack an easy user interface. Someone who is not used to launching and running this app will definitely get confused about it. However, Google Meat has a simple interface that can be run and used anywhere, requiring a good data connection.

Good quality video, audio and image:

The pictures the presenter will present will be of high quality. Audio and video enable and disable buttons are provided for users to use as per their convenience. If someone wants that their audio can use this button which will be unable to pass audio to other users. Also, if someone does not want to show up or is stuck in a dire situation, disabling the camera option can hide the camera. The app also supports good quality video sharing.


If someone is unable to use their device’s audio microphone, one can use the text section provided for users. With this option, users can easily express and type what they want to share.


Click here to download Google Meet Mod APK

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