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Natural Star Nanny teamed up with young director Vivek Athreya and the film’s official announcement was made last week. Shortly before, the Makers have unveiled the title and Curtain Riser. Titled as ‘Ante Sundaraniki’, the veil is appealing. See what is ‘Gossip Tech’.

The motion poster opens with some people mumbling including the voice of the protagonist Nani. The actor then shouts Harsh and asks what is going on? Nani reveals the gossip in Harsha’s ears and it is from here that the rumors travel to places and finally the title is known as ‘Sundar Sundariki’.

Nani appears in ‘Dhoti’ with the title and carries a travel bag with her. Malayalam Sundari Nazri Fahd is making her Bollywood debut with the film and when her name comes up, a camera flashes which signals her role.

Vivek Athreya is the writer and director of ‘East Sundaraniki’ and he fully impresses with the title motion poster.

Finally, ‘Pachikalu’ is featured in the scenes and the motion poster ends with the late actor Anjaneyulu’s ‘Sundara .. Pachikalu Weyamanduwa’? “

It is very new and interesting on the entire motion poster. Mythri movie makers are bankrolling the movie.

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