Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 and many questions

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 is here, and we have a lot of questions. Is the show going to handle the epidemic? Is Delaca really suffering from his father’s demons? And, most importantly, what setbacks and departures will happen in this season?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been going on for about fifteen years now and is strong. The lives of Meredith Gray and her fellow surgeons have been inspiring and intriguing for many years. There have been deaths and tears, but also inspiring moments and joys. The medical drama has been going on for the longest time, but fans by no means have ever indicated that they have enough. Together ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 Will premiere soon in the coming days, There are many questions that fans want answered. While some are in relation to the remnants of the previous season, the epidemic emerges are fresh.


  • ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 16 was hastily left to Cliffner after the finale
  • ‘Station 19’ season 3 filled in the gaps with its own finale
  • But many questions remained unanswered
  • With epidemic rearing high and more, what will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 offer?

What is it that we can expect from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 and many questions we need answered!

Pandemic panic

COVID-19 Let us work hard and fast in 2020. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 will definitely be watching the epidemic and we can see our favorite doctors leading the epidemic. From the promos released and the signs that are now being dropped each time, it is clear that the show will deal with the epidemic. Dr. Bailey or Dr. Gray, We will see all of them donating pandemic gear and give cinematic representation of the heroes that doctors have made during this difficult time.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 will premiere ‘Station 19’Season 4. The latter is a spin-off series dealing with the lives of firefighters who are a part of Gray’s universe, the most prominent one being Ben Warren, who has also been a part of’ Gray ‘and is married. Dr. Miranda Bailey.

What happened to Andrew DeLuca?

The previous season featured the famous doctor, who is also Meredith’s love, slowly into madness. This is attributed to his father’s medical condition, but was not confirmed until now. In fact, when Andrew successfully diagnosed Richard Weber in the final episode of season 16, everyone thought he was finally fine, and Delaca’s confusion was, well, just an illusion. Seems like it was not. Just in the next scene, we see him being absolutely distracted and as Meredith guides him home, we are afraid, perhaps, that he will see another loss of a mental illness, the first being his mother, Dr. Alice Gray.

Mc Widow and Joe?

So far, no sign of this romance has been found. Mac widow Or Dr. Cormac Hayes arrives at Gray Sloan at Christina’s behest, who later messages Meredith to tell her that she is a gift. Although we see Sparks drinking between the two, we know that Mer is currently going strong with Delaca. With the latter situation and needs, it would be difficult for Meredith to pursue another romance. Knowing her, she will not. However, we have a new, single doctor on board, our own Joe Wilson. With Alex’s untimely farewell last season, where he left to spend his life with Izzy and his children, who are now on their own. But Jo is a strong character and we are sure she will come out of it.

Cormac also has an old past, with his wife’s death on his mind. Still, it looks like he might get a match at Gray Sloan. And, if he does, we think that he and Joe will be good together. Will this romance be our imagination or will it be a reality? The answer to this question is expected in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 which will premiere this week.

Will doctors survive the epidemic and other questions?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is known for surprising audiences with its finale. The deaths have been a heart-wrenching event, with fans still not some of their favorite characters who were killed on the show. With doctors working hard to save lives during the epidemic, Will they be able to protect themselves? Personally, knowing Gray’s record, we have crossed our fingers.

Another question is about Richard and Catherine’s marriage. Last season caused a devastation on Richard’s brain, allowing him to create some scenarios and forget many. Their relationship certainly did not end on a good note. It will be for us to see what happens next. Maggie’s newfound romance with a former resident, her breakup with Jackson, is also an interesting angle we want to know more about.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17 has a variety of meat. Fans, it’s time for Gray Sloan to dig in with the doctors.

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