Growth saving with Assured Return up to 6.85 percent with Bajaj Finance FD

Business Wire IndiaBajaj Finance Fixed deposit There has been an increase in the size of a book exceeding Rs. 22,000 crores Rs. The company offers attractive FD rates to customers, up to 6.85%. At a time when a sudden market turn has wiped out investors’ assets and a surge in online spending threatens to do so for bank balances, this FD highlights the value of increased savings, and allows customers to safely do so. Gives a way to do.

By choosing an appropriate tenure with the company, investors can set their investments for future goals, thus putting their savings to effective use. Read to know the reasons for investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

Invest online and get 0.10% higher FD return

Customers investing in FDs online can get 0.10% more FD interest rates. Therefore, investors should prioritize investing online. Here is a table showing how online FD provides more returns.

  • Investment amount: Rs 20 lakhs
  • Tenure: 5 years
Non senior citizensRate of interestMaturity amountdevelopment
Investing online6.70%27,65,99938.30%
Investing offline6.60%27,53,06237.65%

These returns apply only to payments at maturity, and to estimate returns in a similar fashion, investors can use Fixed deposit calculator.

Senior citizens get additional 0.25% on returns

Senior citizens with low risk appetite can generously allocate Miracle to fixed deposits and Bajaj Finance offers FD rates of up to 6.85% to these customers. These give maximum benefit to senior citizens irrespective of the method of online or offline investment.

Here it has been shown how senior citizen FD can increase by Rs 20 lakh in 5 years.

senior citizenRate of interestMaturity amountdevelopment
Investing online / offline6.85%27,85,49739.27%

Using the FD calculator, investors can calculate the monthly interest values ​​they accrue and accordingly opt for regular or frequent payments to meet recurring expenses at slightly lower FD rates.

Park Fund in a safe and secure means

Bajaj Finance assured returns and has some of the best reliability ratings in its fixed deposits. It holds the MAAA rating of ICRA and the FAAA rating of CRISIL, both indicating high stability. Investors look forward to protecting their deposits here. In addition, Bajaj Finance is a brand with a customer base of over 4.4 crore individuals and its deposit book has recently grown by 22.5%.

Invest easily with many features

For ease of investment, Bajaj Finance offers:

  • Flexible tenure: 12 to 60 months
  • Small minimum deposit: Start at Rs.25,000 only
  • Loan against fd: Get up to 75% of the FD value as a loan and avoid premature withdrawal
  • Invest with debit card: At select locations
  • Auto renew: Invest longer without manual intervention
  • Multi-deposit facility: Invest in multiple FDs with a check for easy ladder

Start small with a systematic deposit plan

Customers, especially young earners who want to invest through small monthly contributions, can get a start. Systematic deposit scheme (SDP). Here, each contribution creates a new deposit, which earns at prevailing FD rates, and is priced at just Rs. Must be 5000 or more. Investors can choose:

  • Monthly maturity plan: To invest in 6 to 48 deposits, all mature after a fixed period, month after month.
  • Single maturity plan: To receive maturity income on a single day through multiple deposits with tenure adjusted to maturity date.

Offering generous and assured returns, a 0.10% interest rate advantage for online investments, a safe investment environment and many beneficial features, Bajaj Finance FD is an asset that can add value to various portfolios. To start now and secure the best FD rates, book a Bajaj Miracle online fd today.

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